What is history? At Brescia, we know history isn’t simply a period of time. History is the bold moments that we have lived and breathed for the past 100 years, 36,500 days and 876,000 hours.

Immerse yourself in Brescia’s history and the special moments that led to our Centennial by exploring our archives; learning more about our outstanding alumnae and viewing our Centennial event highlights.

Then & Now

While time has brought vital change to Brescia over the past 100 years, the bold spirit of our foundresses, students and community endures.

In recognition of Brescia’s Centennial, this photo compilation features a photo hybrid – demonstrating a meeting of our unique past and innovative future.

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Profile of the Month

Over the past 100 years, Brescia’s halls have been the home to a number of bold women, who consistently inspired, engaged and motivated within their own communities and within Brescia. In 2019, we share the stories of 12 Brescia leaders who have dared to challenge the status quo and have boldly made their mark on our world.

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Show your #Brescia100 pride! Check back in late January 2019 to discover the exclusive Brescia Centennial apparel, accessories and goods available for you to wear and display proudly this year and into our next bold century!

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Past Events

Relive some of the special moments from our past Centennial events.

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Become Part of Brescia's Living History

How do you encapsulate 100 bold years of women leading? By sharing the stories of those who lived and breathed it. Become part of Brescia’s living history by adding to our Online Memory Album.

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