Ann Vandenbosch

Brescia Hall Farm

My husband, Martin Vandenbosch, was farm manager of Brescia’s farm from 1954-1966. We married in 1955 and moved into the farmhouse on the hill. Most of what was produced on the farm was used to feed the students. In 1962 Beaver Foods became the caterer, so Martin bought the livestock and equipment and rented the land from Brescia. At about the same time, the St. James building was being built. Mother Victoria, who was Mother Superior at that time, asked Martin to be overseer of the construction, a challenge that he eagerly accepted. When construction was finished, Martin knew every nook and cranny of the St. James building. Our 4 children were all born while we lived at Brescia Hall farm (as it was called then).┬áMy sister, Mia De Brouwer, was a student at Brescia at the time, and boarded with us. In the winter, she took our children tobogganing on the hills around Brescia. My son Mark is, at present, acting Dean at the Ivey Business School, which stands at the bottom of one of these tobogganing hills. In 1966 we moved away from Brescia to our own farm. Martin’s last job was burning down the Brescia barns under the supervision of the city. Our daughter Marianne was married in the Brescia Chapel in 2000. Until today we have always stayed in touch with some of the sisters, although many have passed away of course, as did my husband Martin, in July 2016.

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