Robert Hickey

Robert James Hickey, John Hickey, Mother Margaretta Hickey, Robert Wilfred Hickey, Frances Hickey, Mrs. Estelle Hickey, Margaret Jane Crawford

A Time So Long Ago

I am one of the individuals pictured in Mother St. James family above. Fond memories of a time so long ago and an aunt with a blessed sense of humour. Upon reflection of Brescia’s first hundred years, one has to admire your leadership from the Boards of Trustees, Deans, Principals, Senior Management Group, faculty, staff, volunteers, alumnae, benefactors and the student body. To remain relevant, flexible, able to pivot and accept change is a testament to your leadership. I can only imagine over the years the tough decisions that had to be made. Congratulations on your first 100 years and here is to many more.

Sincerest, Robert J. Hickey, Executive Director Catholic Community Services of York Region.

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