Shalyn Orange


Take a Load Off

Being a native to the snow belt, I had a snow day or two when I was young, but 2010 was something entirely different! That was the year I faced snowmaggedon with my roommate! Living in Brescia’s residence on the second floor suite, I thought I was completely set – no driveway to shovel and just a few easy steps to class. Little did I know, I’d be lucky enough to wake up to over five feet of snow during exam season (however none of my exams were rescheduled!). Buses were sliding through the streets just like toboggans and snow piles dominated even the tallest of us. We ended up being snowed in for quite a few days and I literally had to take a load off of my car when we finally dared to venture out to drive (see photo). Still very grateful to the Brescia staff that took good care of us and ensured we still had some tasty dinners. Today, I work at The Council of International Schools in the Netherlands… there is a lot less snow here!

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