A Women’s University

Students in classBrescia University is Canada’s women’s university. Since our inception in 1919, we’ve been committed to educating passionate, creative, intelligent women — like you — who want to lead boldly in a rapidly changing world.

So what does it mean to attend a women’s-only university? It means you’ll:

  • Receive an education tailored to you
  • Be comfortable sharing your opinions, insights, and ideas in class
  • Get to really know your classmates — women who desire to be educated in the true sense of the word
  • Be surrounded by women in leadership positions, including your Principal


A 2009 study by the University of California, Los Angeles, provided solid evidence that women who graduated from girls-only high schools had a significant edge over their coed peers. The majority reported:

  • Successful academic performance
  • Higher self confidence
  • Outstanding writing and public speaking skill
  • Success in historically male-dominated areas, such as mathematics, computers, engineering, and politics

Affiliation with Western University

Because of Brescia’s affiliation with Western University, Ontario’s third-largest university, you’ll have the opportunity to take classes with both men and women.