Universities across Ontario have worked together to develop and compile data to create a common set of data. Why? This will help students and parents compare university data using the same definitions for data collection. Each year Brescia updates its CUDO and posts the previous year’s results. An archive of data is maintained for comparison.

What kind of information can I find on CUDO?

  • Number of degrees awarded, student enrolment, and entering averages – all by program;
  • Number of students living on campus and activities offered;
  • Student satisfaction;
  • First-year tuition and ancillary fees by program;
  • Number of teaching faculty;
  • Undergraduate class size, by year level;
  • Research awards granted; and
  • Graduation rates and employment rates by program.

Brescia CUDO Data Archives

You can access CUDO data for Brescia in this series of reports (PDF)

CUDO Data Online

Click here for the CUDO database page shared by all universities, where you can compare CUDO data for various universities interactively.