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University Mission

Vision Statement

Brescia is the university college of choice for women motivated by academic excellence and opportunity for service and leadership. Brescia graduates are women leaders who contribute actively and positively to society.


Focused on academic excellence, Brescia University College creates an actively engaged student experience, educating women to think critically and to participate actively in society. A Catholic university college in the Ursuline tradition, we prepare our graduates to lead with wisdom, justice and compassion in a changing world.


  • We value women and their potential for leadership in society.
  • We value academic excellence, continuous innovation and principled decision-making.
  • We value effective, innovative approaches to education that encourage and support women’s learning and enable them to develop their voices, confidence and leadership skills.
  • We value creative, holistic education.
  • We value experiential, competency-based learning.
  • We value the celebration of the spiritual dimension of the human person.
  • We value the building of community in participative and collaborative ways.
  • We value the struggle to raise social awareness and to promote social change.
  • We value the physical environment that enhances the spiritual search for truth and beauty.
  • We value using resources wisely through accountability, transparency and stewardship.


For almost 100 years, Brescia has provided the milieu in which thousands of women have received unparalleled opportunities for leadership and self-discovery while absorbing the values of volunteerism and compassion.

The Ursuline Sisters of Chatham began the story in 1919, founding Brescia as a liberal arts university for women and creating an intimate learning experience that encouraged students to think creatively and critically about the world. Today’s committed professors and staff continue this legacy by fostering the development of analytical skills and communication expertise that enables Brescia students to take leadership roles in Canadian society.

The University maintains its Catholic identity, recognizing that faith and mature spirituality are the bedrock on which lives of service and achievement are built. Students continue to find common cause in social justice initiatives, an ongoing legacy of our Ursuline heritage.

A Vision for the Future (2008 Master Plan)

The Maze at Brescia

The University’s first comprehensive Master Plan was approved by Council of Trustees, Brescia’s governing body, in April 2008. The master plan considers enrollment projections, academic directions and capital priorities over the next 20 years.

Brescia’s Master Plan constitutes a living document, clear in its definition of the University’s principles and future direction, but flexible enough to respond to changing needs and resources.