Canonical Sponsorship

On February 26, 2020, Brescia University College has created a canonical sponsorship relationship with the newly formed The Mother St. Anne Lachance Society. This sponsorship marks a new century and a momentous turning point for Brescia, Canada’s only women’s university.

Over one hundred years ago, the Ursuline Sisters of Chatham, Brescia’s founders, developed a post–secondary education experience for women, rooted in the Ursuline values of wisdom, justice, and compassion. To continue Brescia’s mission of educating future women leaders, the Ursulines have worked with Brescia to create a new canonical sponsorship arrangement to support Brescia into its second bold century.

The Mother St. Anne Lachance Society was chosen as the name of the Society because of Mother St. Anne Lachance’s significant contributions to the University’s history. As the first Principal, Mother St. Anne made a lasting mark on Brescia’s community.

The new sponsorship preserves two of Brescia’s traditions – the charism of our foundresses and our mission to empower women. The Ursulines will continue to provide insight through The Mother St. Anne Lachance Society, where the Ursuline’s Community Leader, Sister Theresa Campeau, will participate as a member. The remaining members of The Society are at least 50 per cent women, as a sign of respect for the University’s woman–centered mission. The sponsorship does not signify any further change for Brescia, but rather emphasizes continuity, allowing the University to reaffirm its Catholic identity while continuing to embrace students of all faiths and backgrounds.

Brescia is grateful to the Ursulines for their dedication, time and commitment in ensuring the University preserves its identity, and to Bishop Fabbro for approving this arrangement.