Long Service Award

The values that guide Brescia’s work are demonstrated every day by Brescia employees and the Ursuline Sisters who have shared their leadership and wisdom with the community. At the Christmas lunch each year, employees who have worked at Brescia for between five and 40 years are applauded and receive gifts of gratitude.

We celebrate the dedicated service of the following employees recognized for long service to Brescia:


5 years
Latifeh Ahmadi – Food and Nutritional Sciences
Julie Conquer – Food and Nutritional Sciences
Lucyanne Davison – Office of the Principal
Lori Dumas – Food Services
Georgios Fthenos – Sociology
Catherinanne George – Campus Ministry
Pamela Haley – Student Life Centre
Jane Johnson – Food and Nutritional Sciences
Lucien Lamoureux – Food and Nutritional Sciences
Dennis Mitchell – Facilities Management
Rosette Moore – Residence & Conference Services
Kimberley Sandiland – Food and Nutritional Sciences
Jasna Twynstra – Food and Nutritional Sciences
Amy Walby – VP, Finance & Administration
10 years
Rhea Johnson – Registrar’s Office
Christina Lord – Registrar’s Office
June Matthews – Food and Nutritional Sciences
Heather Prangley – ALT Centre
Colleen Sharen – Management & Organizational Studies
Eric Sloat – Food and Nutritional Sciences
15 years
James Doelman – Humanities
Leslie Whittington-Carter – Food and Nutritional Sciences
20 years
Sharareh Hekmat – Food and Nutritional Sciences
40 years
Peter Chimbos – Sociology


5 years
Colleen Aguilar – Advancement Office
Jennifer Broxterman – Food and Nutritional Sciences
Wendy Latimer – Registrar’s Office
Cameron Mitchell – Physical Plant
Angela Mol – Advancement Office
Anja Reljanovic – Physical Plant
10 years
Carlie Bell – Dimensions of Leadership
Wei Wei Da – Family Studies
Kathleen Dahl – Library
Melissa Jean – Management and Organizational Studies
Kate Norton – Library
Joan Rose – IT
Barbara Szapiel – Business Office
15 years
Lucyna Mahood – Food and Nutritional Sciences
Theresa O’Donovan – Religious Studies
20 years
Anne Barnfield – Psychology
30 years
Gary Lisabeth – Physical Plant
5 years
Paul Caplan
Jane Fitzgerald
Lynne Livingstone
Larry MacKinnon


5 years
Danielle Battram – Food and Nutritional Sciences
Jennifer Brennan – Business Office
Norine Foley– Food and Nutritional Sciences
Tony Francolini– Dimensions of Leadership & Management and Organizational Studies
Colleen O’Connor– Food and Nutritional Sciences
Colleen Hanycz – Principal
Steve Kleinknecht – Sociology
Will Langille – Physical Plant
Freweini Medhin – Physical Plant
Lesley Macaskill – Food and Nutritional Sciences
Sara Morrison – History
Tanner Patry – Student Affairs & Business Office
Alison Vilaca – Alumnae Relations
Gladys Ylimaki – Food and Nutritional Sciences
Liz Hewitt – Volunteer, Board of Trustees
Caroll Halford – Volunteer
Sr. Theresa Mahoney – Ursuline Sister
10 years
Dominick Grace – English
Sheila Kappler – Religious Studies
Jim McDonald – Human Resources
John Mitchell – Psychology
Adrienne Roode – Library
Vicky Scott – Registrar’s Office
Lina Sunseri – Sociology
20 years
Helene Cummins – Sociology
Lisa Jukubowski – Sociology
Lynn Page – Business Office
George Warecki – History
25 years
Paul Barker


5 years
Jennifer Coghlin – Registrar’s Office
Paula Dworatzek – Faculty (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
Joan Ellsworth – Writing Centre and Part-time Faculty (Writing)
Kayla Glynn – Dept. of Foods & Nutritional Sciences
Steve Hajpel – Physical Plant
Leslie Harden – Part-time Faculty (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
Charles Middleton – Part-time Faculty (Economics)
Erin Moody – Dept. of Food & Nutritional Sciences
Sharon Roberts – Part-time Faculty (Sociology) – Physical Plant
Jennifer Sutton – Faculty (Psychology)
Christine Tenk – Faculty (Psychology)
Joan Witt – Registrar’s Office
10 years
Ingrid Christensen – Business Office
Leslie Janes – Faculty (Psychology)
Cheryl Sommers – Physical Plant
15 years
Marianne Simm – Registrar’s Office
Katy Tonkovic – Dept. of Food & Nutritional Sciences
20 years
Ed Bell – Faculty (Sociology)
Brian Diemert – Faculty (English)
Danka Rogic – Physical Plant


5 years
Brenda Bertrand – Registrar’s Office
Heather Campbell – Library
Lisa DeLaurier – Physical Plant
Nadine deMoras – Faculty (French)
Trish Gergich – Foundation
Erica Gonzalez – Student Services
Michelle Griffore Kempe – Student Services
Rhea Johnson – Registrar’s Office
Christina Lord – Student Services
June Matthews – Faculty (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
Luisa Raposo – Physical Plant
Nicole Sansone – Registrar’s Office
Colleen Sharen – Faculty (Management and Organizational Studies)
Eric Sloat – PT Faculty (Foods & Nutritional Sciences and
Dimensions of Leadership)
10 years
Margaret Bates – Student Services
Lorna Bowman – Faculty (Religious Studies)
Jim Doelman – Faculty (English)
Dianne Konings – Business Office Jim Mei – Library
John Snyder – PT Faculty (Religious Studies) – retired
Kim Young Milani
15 years
Shari Hekmat – Faculty (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
Marika Regan – PT Faculty (Spanish)
Elaine Regier – Student Services (posthumously)
Theresa Topic – Faculty (Anthropology)
35 years
Peter Chimbos – PT Faculty (Sociology)


5 years
Wei Wei Da – Faculty (Family Studies)
Kathleen Dahl – Library
Carlie Forbes – PT Faculty (Business)
Melissa Jean – Faculty (Management and Organizational Studies)
Sr. Margaret Keller – Campus Minister
Leslie Lefteruk – Foundation
John Milner – Library
Kate Norton – Library
Michelle Prestwich – Registrar’s Office
Paula Puddy – PT Faculty (Management and Organizational Studies)
Joan Rose – IT
Barb Szapiel – Business Office
10 years
Cecily Alexander – PT Faculty (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
Isabelle Giroux – Faculty (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
Lucy Mahood – Lab Instructor (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
Theresa O’Donovan – Faculty (Religious Studies)
Leslie Whittington-Carter – PT Faculty (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
15 years
Anne Barnfield – Faculty (Psychology)
Patty Pakvis – PT Faculty (Sociology)
25 years
Sr. Mary Frances Dorschell – Faculty (Modern Languages) **
Gary Lisabeth – Physical Plant
35 years
Pat Burman – Faculty (Sociology)
40 years
Sr. Mary Lou McKenzie – PT Faculty (English) – retired
** Sr. Mary Frances has given 28 years of service and is being acknowledged this