Faculty: Dr. Lisa Jakubowski

Associate Professor, Sociology, School of Leadership and Social Change
Office: Ursuline Hall, Room 332
Email: ljakubow@uwo.ca
Telephone: 519-432-8353 ext 28238

Academic Background

  • Honors B.A., Sociology, Western University
  • M.A., Sociology, Western University
  • Ph.D., Sociology, York University

Research and Scholarly Interests

Currently, my research involves exploring the effects of community service-learning on students and the communities in which they serve. More specifically, I am focusing on the relationship between service-learning and civic engagement, by investigating the transformative potential of high impact community service-learning experiences.


  • Sociology 1050A: An Introduction to Community, Service & Active Citizenship
  • Sociology 2215A: Bridging Classroom and Community: An Introduction to Community Development through Service-Learning
  • Sociology 3330F/G: Community Development: Foundations
  • Sociology 3334A/B: Community Practicum
  • Sociology 3335A/B: Community Leadership
  • Sociology 3360F/G, Law and Social Inequality

Teaching Philosophy

To be successful, the process of teaching and learning demands a commitment from both teacher and student. As an instructor, I strive to incorporate a mixture of pedagogical methods into my courses, including: lectures, student presentations and seminars, and individual or group projects. I am very much committed to integrating experiential learning into my classes. Wherever possible, students are invited to link classroom and community, by applying their sociological knowledge in real world settings. To get the most out of their educational experiences, students are encouraged to actively participate in their own learning by regularly engaging in critical reflection and commentary on course materials.

Representative Publications

  • 2016 “Bridging Classroom and Community: Community Reflections on Campus Community Partnerships” (forthcoming in The International Higher Education Curriculum Design and Academic Leadership Review)
  • 2014 “Managing Canadian Immigration: “Racism, Racialization and the Law” (with E. Comack). in E. Comack (ed.) Locating Law: Race/Class/ Gender/Sexuality Connections. ( 3rd edition)Halifax: Fernwood Publishing.
  • 2004 “Teaching Community Development: A Case Study in CommunityBased Learning” (with Patrick Burman) in Teaching Sociology, Vol. 32, April: 160-176.
  • 2003 “Beyond Book Learning: Cultivating the Pedagogy of Experience through Field Trips” in the Journal of Experiential Education, Vol. 26, No. 1: 24-33.
  • 2002 Teaching Controversy. (with Livy Visano) Halifax: Fernwood Publishing.
  • 2001 “Teaching Uncomfortable Topics: An Action-Oriented Strategy for Addressing Racism and Related Forms of Difference” in Teaching Sociology, Vol. 29, January: 62–79.
  • 1997 Immigration and the Legalization of Racism. Halifax: Fernwood Publishing.