Brescia’s Student Athletes: Leading on and off the Field

2020 – Congratulations to Brescia University College’s student athletes who received major awards for their bold leadership on Western Mustang teams!



“The whole support system at Brescia is fantastic: from the very manageable class sizes that allow me to do my best in the classroom as well as be able to play softball. My softball coaches push me and my teammates to believe in ourselves. I’m lucky that it all came together to create a really great season. I’m incredibly happy with what we achieved as a team, and with what I was able to achieve as a member on that team.” ~ Aimee Leduc, Social Sciences, Team MVP award winner, Softball



“Brescia created an amazing atmosphere that fostered leadership and allowed me to excel in both academics and athletics. I am so grateful to have received a purple blanket, this award reflects the influential women at Brescia who surrounded me and inspired me to be my best.” ~ Julia Curran, Honours Specialization in Psychology ’20 and Purple Blanket award winner, Basketball



“The community at Brescia has always been supportive and accommodating when it comes to my varsity wrestling program commitments. I always felt like I could pursue my wrestling goals without having to sacrifice any part of my education. And if nothing else, walking up that hill to Brescia for class every day has definitely contributed to my overall fitness level!” ~ Madison Parks, Family Studies and Human Development, and Team MVP and Purple Blanket award winners, Wrestling