Profile: Lydia Mosher, Dietitians of Canada Morgan Award recipient

2020 – A soon-to-be graduate of Brescia University College’s Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition in June, Lydia Mosher, RD, P.H.Ec., is the latest recipient of the prestigious Dietitians of Canada (DC) Morgan Award.

The Morgan Award was created in 2007, in honour and memory of Susan Morgan, a dietitian and the manager of the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research. This award recognizes the personal achievement of a dietetic practicum student for their research project. It is a way of recognizing a passion for research and dedication in the profession. There is one award available for each of the six DC Regions.

During her master’s program, Mosher began to research how the dietary pattern a woman follows prior to and throughout pregnancy can influence the health of the mother and baby. She found that for advice on healthy eating for pregnancy, women often turn to their healthcare provider. Because of this, Mosher decided to focus her study on the types of identifiable dietary patterns Canadian women follow during pregnancy (specifically vegetarian, vegan, low-carbohydrate, gluten-free, Mediterranean or a well-balanced diet), if the women received nutrition support, and how satisfied they were with the support they received. Mosher is hoping her study will enhance the understanding of the types of diets pregnant women follow and the dietary advice they should be receiving to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

It’s because of this research – and her passion for the profession – that Mosher received this year’s DC Morgan Award for Ontario. Upon learning about receiving the award, Mosher was in shock. “I’m so incredibly honoured to be the recipient. When I think of how large the province of Ontario is, and without knowing the other number of applicants, it’s amazing to be recognized for the work I’ve poured my heart and soul into for the past two years. This is a huge honour, and I am so very humbled by this achievement.”

Mosher says that she couldn’t have received this achievement without her support system: “As much as this award means to me, I couldn’t have got it – and the research idea – without the support and collaborative guidance of my primary advisor, Dr. Jasna Twynstra and co-advisor Dr. Jamie Seabrook (both Associate Professors in the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences).”

Mosher’s advisor, Dr. Twynstra, shares “I have known Lydia since her undergraduate level courses. She is a leader and a true role model for her peers. In class, she was engaged and her questions were very thoughtful. As her research supervisor, Lydia has surpassed all the expectations I set for her. She came prepared to our meetings, she was committed to her project, she always did her best, and she wasn’t afraid to go the extra mile to do it the right way. I’m incredibly proud of what Lydia has accomplished and I’m looking forward to her contributions to the dietetic field in the future. I cannot think of a more deserving recipient for this award. Congratulations Lydia!”