Profile: Aneesa Malik

Different Perspectives


Aneesa Malik, BSc ’17 says her time at Brescia has broadened her horizons

Written by: Pat Morden

Perhaps it was inevitable. Aneesa Malik grew up and went to school in north London, within walking distance of Brescia. Her aunt graduated in Foods & Nutrition at Brescia and became a dietitian. Her father taught her self-discipline and the time management skills that she still uses. Her mother reminded her to take care of herself.

But Malik is much more than the sum of her influences. She chose Foods & Nutrition at Brescia after careful research and consideration. “I looked into everything, even checking descriptions of the courses I would be taking,” she says. “There were so many different subjects involved, from organic chemistry and business to psychology and physiology. It seemed to be a truly holistic approach, in preparation for a truly holistic career.”

As a student, Malik soon found there was lots to love about Brescia. “The small classrooms make it an intimate environment, and there’s so much to get involved in,” she says. “You always have familiar faces around.”

As a soph student leader for the past three years, Malik has had many opportunities to share her enthusiasm with future students. She also volunteers as a dietitian assistant with the specialized geriatrics team at Parkwood Hospital. In addition, she has a part-time job with Yurek Home Healthcare, where she is learning about enteral feeding and ostomy care.

And this year, Malik is working on a special project: organizing and promoting Research Ready at Brescia. Research Ready is a series of lectures by Assistant Professor Jamie Seabrook designed to teach students how to critically appraise scholarly articles. “Research Ready involves using data to produce information,” explains Malik. “But not all research is good quality and some studies can be biased, leading us to draw false conclusions.” She hopes that many students will take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn.

As she begins her final year, Malik reflects on how her time at Brescia has changed her. “I’ve gained a lot of different perspectives on life, and really broadened my horizons. I’ve learned that you have to make time for the people and things that make you happy, but you also have to work hard.” Malik hopes to eventually pursue an internship or Masters degree, and her ultimate goal is to work in neonatal care at a hospital.

Malik has wise advice for the incoming Brescia students she is supporting as a Soph. “There will be times when you feel like you can’t study for five exams at once, or finish all your group projects. I’ve learned that you have to plan ahead. And remember, there is always light at the end of the tunnel!”