Profile: Cait Bionda

Students’ Council President Embodies Brescia’s Mission

By Courtney Niven

cait_bionda_13Beginning her career on Students’ Council as a yearbook editor in her second year, Cait Bionda did not anticipate that she would come to embody Brescia’s entire mission – one characterized by female empowerment and leadership. “I don’t think I would be the person I am had I not come to Brescia and joined Students’ Council. It has really helped in my development as a leader and as a young woman.”

Bionda revealed that her motivation to set Brescia history was fueled by the support of her fellow Students’ Council members. She emphasizes the role of teamwork and the cohesion the entire council has created. “We’re a really good team. I consider the team on Students’ Council, and the executive that has been built and maintained, to be our biggest accomplishment.”

Unsure of what her future holds, Bionda has internalized her experience at Brescia and continues to use her time here as an opportunity to grow and evolve as a woman. She said, “Brescia continues to be a community where students feel really comfortable. We have a very engaged student community.”

Bionda is empowered by the notion that the Brescia voice is the student voice. “I feel like my voice is really heard; if I don’t speak up, someone will ask.” She has used her time to effect change for her fellow students, as she has sat in on nearly every college committee. “It is really nice because I feel like we are really listened to.”

Although Bionda’s time at Brescia is not yet over, she claims, “Brescia, and my experience at Brescia, have prepared me for whatever will come in the future.” Cait Bionda strongly believes in what Brescia stands for and sees success and inclusivity within the entire Brescia community. “The faculty, the staff, and the administration at Brescia are all truly working toward the same mission. Not only do I believe in the mission statement of Brescia, I honestly believe it is being carried out, and that makes me proud to go to Brescia.”