Profile: Cassie Caranci

Drive and determination result in significant scholarship for Brescia student

cassie-caranci-inside-smTo second-year Brescia student Cassie Caranci, philanthropy isn’t just an occasional pastime. It’s a way of life. When she isn’t studying or working, Cassie can be found volunteering with various organizations. She is involved in Brescia’s Student Human Ecology Association and is the Director of Philanthropy with her sorority. She is also involved in volunteering initiatives outside of university, including twice raising money to travel with a humanitarian organization to the Dominican Republic to work with abandoned, abused, and orphaned children.

While helping others has always been a top priority for her, education is also high on Cassie’s list. She made the decision early in high school to focus on earning an entrance scholarship to university. For the past two years at Brescia she has been the recipient of a prestigious scholarship, which recognizes academic excellence, volunteerism, and participation in sports and physical fitness. This scholarship covers the cost of her yearly tuition. As Cassie says, “I was completely committed to coming to university, but I don’t know how I would be here without the support I’ve received. It’s so nice to know that if you work hard, it will pay off in the end.”

Some of the work she has done has certainly been difficult. Since she was nine, Cassie has played competitive soccer with London United. In August 2010 she suffered a serious sports injury that required major hip surgery at University Hospital. She is now in rehabilitation mode at Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine, where she is working with a kinesiologist twice a week. “I wasn’t able to register with an organized indoor soccer team this season, as my surgical site and knee were still quite unstable… but I have been dedicated to working out on a regular basis and getting back into shape.”

With philanthropic and athletic goals in mind, Cassie is determined to continue meeting the criteria of the continuing scholarship each year. When asked how she manages to commit so much time to philanthropy and athletics while still focusing on school, she laughs and shrugs modestly. “I make time to do the things that are important… I don’t like to do things halfway.”