Profile: Dr. Carmen McCarron

Indigenizing French Literature and More

Dr. Carmen McCarron is a French Literature scholar with a special interest in bringing French-language Indigenous writings into the study of literature at Brescia, in collaboration with Indigenous elders and scholars.

McCarron surveyed Canadian universities and colleges, and found that in Quebec Literature and Culture courses, Indigenous literature was severely under-represented. She found only one course in Francophone Indigenous literature. “I would love Brescia to be a leader in this area,” she says. The University’s focus on developing the whole person and on issues of social justice makes it fertile ground for studying this emerging
art form, she says.
In another stream of research, McCarron outlined the past, present and future of Brescia’s unique, expanding French for Teaching program at a conference in Lethbridge. “The response was overwhelming” she says. “Many people were interested in learning more about how to implement the Brescia model.”