Profile: Janneth Mayorga

Student with a Mission

When she was in her last year of high school, Janneth Mayorga was in a serious car crash. “After that event I felt I had to re-calibrate my life,” she says. She had to stop playing sports, and threw herself into volunteerism and community service. To this day, she continues intense physiotherapy — three years after the accident.

Mayorga, a London native, chose Brescia after a long conversation with one of the University’s liaison officers. “When we talked about the community, student life and the focus on developing leadership, I was hooked!” Initially intending to pursue Kinesiology, Mayorga found her path diverging when she became an intern with the Board of London Urban Services Organization (LUSO). After a year, she was asked to join the board as a full member. At a Brescia conference she met Professors Colleen Sharen and Melissa Jean, who suggested that Brescia’s new program in Non-Profit Management was a perfect fit. She was the first student in the program and will be a member of the first graduating class.

LUSO no longer stands for London Urban Services Organization and the organization’s name is now just LUSO Community Services.

Mayorga recently completed a fellowship with the Association of Fundraising Professionals that focused on issues of diversity and inclusion. The experience included a mentorship, webinars, conferences and courses. As part of the fellowship, she conducted a series of video interviews with community leaders, and is developing a university curriculum on diversity, inclusion and strategic planning for organizational leadership.