Profile: Karen Fryday-Field

Profile courtesy of Business London Magazine

Whether it’s riding her bike in Europe,planning missions to help those with hearing loss in countries with fewer health services or working with clients on strategic planning initiatives, Karen Fryday-Field brings enthusiasm, energy and experience to all of the commitments she undertakes.

Fryday-Field will now be bringing that same passion to leading the Board of Trustees for Brescia University College, following her recent appointment.

“I’m thrilled to serve Brescia as Board Chair, working with my passionate and committed Board colleagues, supporting the dynamic students and collaborating with the incredible faculty and staff at Brescia University College,” says Fryday- Field.

Having started her life-long commitment to volunteering during her student days, helping to rebuild health service infrastructure in Guatemala after an earthquake, Fryday-Field has served on boards for the United Way and Community Foundations – among many other volunteer opportunities – on her way to becoming a member of the Board of Trustees for Brescia University College.

Intrigued by a billboard that stated their motto, ‘Brescia Bold,’while driving through the city a few years ago, this empowering statement resonated with Fryday-Field prompting her to join the Board. She is a mother to two grown children and three granddaughters, so leading the Board of Trustees for Canada’s only women’s university is something Fryday-Field is passionate about. She’s excited about the Board’s strategic goals which will advance Brescia over the next two years, as well as the possibility that one day her granddaughters will become bold women who lead with wisdom, justice and compassion.

“We want to support the students and faculty in our quest to educate and empower women to build their roles as leaders in society,” she says. One of the important ways the Board will deliver on this is the construction of a new academic pavilion to be built next year. “This is critical to our ability to create the unique academic environment we’ve promised and will continue to offer.”

Fryday-Field is a Londoner, having been born, raised and educated here. She’s a senior partner at Meridian Edge Leadership and Governance Consulting and works with business and volunteer boards on governance development and strategic thinking.

She’s also a partner in the Meridian Hearing and Spine & Joint Physiotherapy. She and husband/business partner Brian Field have dispensed hundreds of hearing aids and helped thousands of people with hearing loss in underserved areas of Palestine, Israel and Turkey on mission trips over the past six years.

It’s this type of world view that enhances Fryday-Field’s enthusiasm for her role in providing leadership at Brescia University College. “We have 1,500 full and part-time students from 36 countries, some of whom wouldn’t be able to access this type of education in their home countries,” explains Fryday-Field.

“This is an exciting time for Brescia as we will celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2019,” explains Fryday-Field. “Therefore building a strategic plan to take us through the next five years while honouring our rich Ursuline heritage was an important job which we didn’t take lightly. The Board is confident that the strategic plan lays a strong foundation for Brescia to continue inspire the next century of women leaders in a supportive and engaging environment.”