Profile: Leenat Jilani

Leadership Skills give Competitive Edge on a Global Stage

leenat_jilaniMost students have experienced those pesky e-mails that enter their inboxes advertising opportunities for travelling, networking, career building, etc. Most students have also deleted these e-mails. However, Leenat Jilani isn’t “most students.”

After reading a mass e-mail sent to all Western students titled, “Do you want to be a Global Leader?” Leenat signed up for a Global Leaders Centre session hosted by Global Vision at King’s University College in March. Studying political science and social justice and peace, Leenat has a vested interest in “education, global trade, and development” as well as international relations and the role government plays in the global market. Global Vision’s goal of encouraging young Canadians to promote “Canadian industry in the global marketplace” was right up Leenat’s alley.

Impressed by her experience at the Global Leaders Centre, Leenat applied for a position on Global Vision’s Junior Team Canada. To be selected as a member one must show leadership qualities and be able to “brand” oneself in a unique manner. Leadership is certainly a trait that Leenat embodies and she was selected as a member. In August Leenat will be participating in an international trade and development mission in Malaysia and Indonesia, along with other upcoming Canadian leaders who share a goal of creating a better Canada. While attending the mission Leenat will be representing her community, her country, as well as an organization she finds worthy of promoting overseas. When asked about her thoughts on Canada’s role in the global market, Leenat says “Canada is an awesome country and I would like to help spread Canadian products, services, and the influence of its educational institutions to every corner of the world.” Leenat has demonstrated her commitment to education by choosing to represent Brescia globally.

Leenat believes that Brescia University College has a vital role to play in the global marketplace by providing outstanding quality of education with the unique twist of being very personal. By attending the mission Leenat hopes to strengthen Brescia’s ties with Malaysia and Indonesia. Leenat recognizes Brescia’s “ability to establish itself as the leading institution that produces female global leaders.” If the leadership qualities Leenat possesses are any indication of this, she will succeed in making her trip a personal experience of a lifetime as well as heightening Brescia’s reputation on the international stage.