Profile: Rosette Moore

Making her dreams come true one step at a time

Rosette-MooreWinner of the Writing Centre’s Winter-themed literature contest, Rosette Moore is delighted with the acknowledgment. Although she enjoys writing, she has high aspirations in addition to writing. In her second year in the Foods and Nutrition program, Rosette hopes to become a Registered Dietitian. She would like to return to Barbados, after receiving the designation, and work as a civil servant at the Government-owned hospital. She would love to start her own private practice, and ultimately enter politics, with the heartfelt wish to one day become the Minister of Health. This ambition was sown after being voted one of the best debaters at her secondary school. She joined a parliamentary-style debate group known as Team A.C.T.I.O.N Parliamentary Assembly (TAPA), which recognized her achievements prior to her leaving Barbados to pursue her studies at Brescia.

While she attends Brescia, Rosette volunteers as a peer mentor through the Tri-Mentoring Program, as a writing tutor with the Writing Centre, and through different organizations such as the Diabetes Prevention Outreach Club along with the Diabetes Association of Barbados, and the National Disabilities Unit in Barbados. She appreciates the opportunity to work with people, and understand the hardships that they encounter. She finds a sense of accomplishment knowing that she is able to make someone’s day a little better with a helping hand or just a smile. In addition, she volunteered her Reading Week to do tours of Brescia for prospective students.

Rosette’s winter-themed, award-winning poem, “Imagine my Surprise!” follows:

I look out my window, bright sunlight, clear skies, I check the weather network and it’s six degrees outside, Yip! Six degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit, And I think a tiny bit of me just died. I have an electric blanket. Is it okay if I just stay here and hide? I look at my calendar and it’s not the weekend at all. To school I must go, so I prepare for the long haul. Which two jackets will I wear? I can’t wear one, I cannot choose. It’s freezing out so surely I must wear two!
I finally grab something and out the door I go, I assumed there’d be some but there was no snow, At the bus stop I wait for the number 9, A girl walks up to me, “Hey, you got the time?” I told her, she thanks me and offers a smirk, I notice her attire; she’s wearing a mini skirt!
Curiosity killed the cat, I asked about her clothing, to which she replied, “I’m Canadian, this weather is nothing!” The bus comes, we hop on and we’re on the drive, I look at her outfit once more and wonder how
she’ll survive. By comparison, I’m overdressed A hat, a scarf, two jackets, tights, jeans and boots, But as a newcomer from the tropics, I dressed to suit. I felt embarrassed for a bit, just for a little while,
but I won’t allow peer pressure to change my style. Feeling justified with my answer, I finally look away, and the chill on the window reminded me why I dressed this way. I thought to myself, surely it can’t get any colder than this; it’s such a frigid day! And just when my confidence returns, just when the awkwardness goes astray, the guy to my right leans in: “Lovely weather we’re having, eh?”