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Brescia’s Student Athletes: Leading on and off the Field









First-year students Katie Beaudry and Rebecca Hynes and third-year student Julia Curran all hail from different sides of the province and are specializing in separate degrees, but all three students share one important factor – they are all Western varsity athletes. Specializing in track, rowing and basketball (respectively), the three students share their thoughts on Brescia, women’s leadership and what it really means – and takes – to be a bold varsity athlete at Brescia.

Why did you choose your program?
: I have always hoped to find a career where I would be able to actively help others. The Health Sciences program will help me achieve this ambition through one of the many health fields. Although I am unsure what field I want to pursue, I am confident that I will discover this through my four years in general Health Sciences.

RH: The Management and Organizational Studies (MOS) program at Brescia was the perfect program for me, as I knew it would provide me with both the fundamental and real life skills needed to pursue my future career.

JC: I chose the Psychology program at Brescia not only because I love the study of the mind and understanding the complexities of human cognition, but also because it appealed to my sense of activism, specifically with regards to mental health and wellness.

Why did you choose to study at Brescia? What factors separated Brescia from other schools you considered?
KB: I had initially planned on studying at Western University (main campus), but seeing that I have always attended smaller schools I was apprehensive around the thought of a large campus. Brescia seemed like a perfect medium for me, which offered a friendly, tight-knit community and small class sizes.

RH: I knew right away that Brescia was the perfect school for me. What really separated Brescia from all other universities was the supportive environment. The Liaison Officers and everyone at Brescia were so helpful and welcoming that I instantly felt at home on campus.

JC: Making the choice to come to Brescia was an easy one. Brescia’s strong academic and community attributes are well documented, but what the numbers cannot show is the positive atmosphere and the sheer level of investment provided by Brescia’s faculty and staff to their students. At Brescia, I found a warm welcoming atmosphere in a beautiful setting with world-class faculty, small class sizes and an environment fostering leadership; it provides the perfect home away from home.

What are your beliefs about Brescia’s all-women’s learning environment or education for girls in general?
: I think the concept of an all-women’s learning environment is positive for a variety of students. I am happy to have classes with men but I also feel that it will be empowering – and a nice change – to have some classes with only women.

RH: The education offered at Brescia is unlike any other university, because it caters specifically to a women’s learning style. It also provides students with a safe environment where they can feel at home and form close relationships with their peers.

JC: Brescia takes a strong stance on gender equity and offers a supportive environment for women of all races and religions to thrive in their studies. I think the educational opportunities available at Brescia help to raise young women’s awareness of their importance as active contributors to society and their evolving role in shaping our world.

How do you define leadership?
I define leadership as being a kind, inspirational and motivational individual that others can look up to and follow.

RH: Leadership is being bold enough to try something new, exceeding limitations and going above and beyond expectations others may have. A great leader is someone who is inspiring and empowering and who helps others become successful in their goals, as well as reaching their own.

JC: A great leader is more than someone who creates success and greatness for himself or herself; it is someone who can inspire success and greatness in others around them.

What do enjoy most about being a student athlete at Brescia? Or, what are you most looking forward to about being a student athlete at Brescia?
I look forward to meeting many new people through my classes at Brescia, but also having the opportunity to form close bonds with those on my track team as well.

RH: I am most looking forward to meeting a new, amazing group of athletes who will become life-long friends. I am also excited to work with new coaches and staff who will push me to become a stronger athlete both mentally and physically.

JC: There are so many things to love about being a student athlete at Brescia! I really enjoy having the opportunity to represent Brescia and its values in women’s athletics at Western and at the intercollegiate level in Canada.

What would you say to a high school student-athlete considering Brescia and what advice do you have for them on their university search?
I would encourage any student to take the time to visit the schools that you are considering before making any final decisions. The atmosphere at a university needs to be a place where you will be able to have both the best academic and well-rounded university experience. For me, Brescia not only fulfilled this feeling but also allowed me to continue in athletics. I love that I am able to be a Brescia student and also compete on the Western Track and Field team.

RH: It is important for student-athletes to find a university that will provide you with the opportunity to excel in everything you choose to do – including sports, clubs and academics. Brescia provides students with all of that and more, giving each of their students the opportunity to thrive in their academics and extra-curricular activities.

JC: I would tell high school student-athletes considering Brescia that I think it is important to find a university that can support both your academic as well as athletic pursuits. I think you couldn’t find a better environment in which to thrive academically while fulfilling your athletic dreams. The support and structure of Brescia allow you to be the best student as well as the best athlete you can possibly be.

What are your goals, plans and hopes for the future?
Currently, my future plans are pretty general. Over the next four years, I hope to have a great university experience where I will meet life-long friends, be consistently challenged within Track and Field and come out with a degree that will help me get a job that I love and can thrive in.

RH:  I have many hopes and dreams for the future. Physically, I hope to continue with my sport – even after university – and always maintain an active lifestyle. Academically, I hope to travel and study abroad with one of Brescia’s international experiences. Holistically, I hope to come out of university with life-long friends. Lastly, my goal is to strive to be a leader in every situation possible, inspiring others to become leaders with me.

JC: My plan is to go through the Clinical Psychology stream after I complete my undergrad and become a clinical psychologist. Specifically, I would like to specialize in the youth mental health as this is a time of crucial development for the brain, and I hope to help these young adults transition to a healthy adulthood by means of mind-body awareness.

What three words best describe you?
Athletic, Musical, Happy

RH: Dedicated, Enthusiastic, Bold

JC: Hard-working, Dedicated, Passionate