Profile: Valerie Sinclair

Students LEAD program prepares high school students for the next level

valerie-sinclair-innerValerie Sinclair is at the top of her game. In high school, Valerie (a current Brescia Psychology student) knew that she wanted to attend university and she anticipated the level of change this transition would demand of her. Valerie immediately signed up for Brescia’s Students LEAD program, a two-day academic and leadership focused workshop that runs in August. The Students LEAD program supports girls entering their final year of high school the following September, with workshops focused on academic preparedness and leadership development.

Growing up in a small farming community, Valerie anticipated the move to a university setting and wanted to “prepare so that I could do my best academically and get as many resources under my belt so that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed.” Upon completing the Students LEAD program, she felt prepared. “Immediately, I felt like I had an edge over other students. I felt that I had come prepared with a strong basis to build on and was able to gain a lot of knowledge.”

“I really liked the nutrition workshop where we made smoothies. It was good team building and an opportunity to get to know the other students. By the end of the two days, I had already made some friends. I was anxious before, but after coming to Students LEAD I had a more clear understanding of academic expectations – and even of what university life might be like!”

When asked what stood out the most from her Students LEAD experience, Valerie smiles. “I feel like I’ve had a life-changing experience. I was somewhat anxious in high school. Now, a year later – I feel totally different – more confident and mature!”