Letter of Permission

On a Letter of Permission (LOP), students are able to take up to 5.0 courses at another University and transfer the credit(s) towards their degree at Brescia University. This is typically done in summer, when students plan to return to their hometowns, but wish to take summer courses (and online courses through Western are not an option).

To be eligible for a Letter of Permission, students must be in good standing with the University and in Year 2 or higher at Brescia University.  (In some cases, Year 1 students can register for a Letter of Permission if they verify mid-year grades through an Academic Advisor.)

Please Follow the Steps Below to Obtain a Letter of Permission:

  1. Pick up or print off a Letter of Permission Form.
  2. Get course outlines from the host university.
  3. Submit the completed  Letter of Permission Form and course outlines to The Hive at Brescia for approval from one of the Academic Advisors.
  4. An Academic Advisor will contact you when the Letter of Permission form is ready to be picked up.  Students will then take the completed form to Student Central (WSSB 1120) and hand it in, and pay the $75.00 Letter of Permission processing fee.  Students can then contact the host University to register for the course.

Students can review and print the Letter of Permission Process.

For more information on Letters of Permission, please read the Letter of Permission Eligibility.

Please make an appointment with an Academic Advisor if you have any questions regarding the Letter of Permission process. An appointment can be made by calling The Hive at Brescia at 519-858-5151 or email your questions to brescia@uwo.ca.

When You Have Completed Your Courses on Letter of Permission

It is your responsibility to have an official transcript sent DIRECTLY from the host institution to Brescia University College. It must come in a sealed envelope – any opened envelopes WILL NOT be accepted. A student’s grade report is not acceptable. Please allow for 4 weeks processing time to have grades transferred to your record when submitting transcripts. To verify that your Letter of Permission grade has been added to your Western Academic Record visit your Student Center and click on “View Transfer Credit Report”. Please ensure your Letter of Permission grade is displaying on this record before ordering your Western transcript.

Students completing their last credits for their degree on LOP must have their official transcript from the host institution sent to the Office of the Registrar no later than May 15th for Spring Convocation and prior to October 1st for Fall Convocation.

If a transcript is not received by November 1st, a grade of “F” will be recorded.

International Letters of Permission

Please note: students seeking international options for a Letter of Permission must enroll in approved Western partners. It is within the rights of Brescia to dictate whether certain courses can be completed on a Letter of Permission.