Beyond Brescia


You’re graduating this year and might be wondering, ‘what comes after Brescia’? Perhaps you’re considering further education…or maybe you want to enter the professional world. What are your options and where do you start?

Your academic advisor can support your Beyond Brescia planning in the following ways:

  • Discuss common pathways relating to your Brescia program
  • Research program options with you based on your interests
  • Support with program application questions and review admission requirements
  • Assist with Statement of Intent and academic reference letter procedures
  • Provide referrals to contact persons, events, workshops, etc.
  • Refer to information on external funding opportunities

Please visit our Academic Advising page to book an appointment with your advisor.

Considering your options? Start your research with some common Beyond Brescia pathways:

There are many opportunities for students who are interested in the health field, including medical school, other health-fields, and dentistry.

Students interested in pursuing careers in teaching should seek post-grad opportunities that qualify for an Ontario Teaching Certificate, which is recognized instantly across Canada.

Graduate school adds value to many undergraduate degrees, and many people will need some type of education beyond their first degree which may occur in professional programs.

Lawyers can work in a range of employment settings, including the non-profit/public interest sector, private practice and government settings, as well as open the door to other exciting opportunities.

Post-Graduate Programs can help you to clarify your career direction beyond your undergraduate degree.

Meet representatives from post-graduate programs and employers to learn more and be inspired for your life Beyond Brescia.