In Ontario, you must be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers to teach in this province’s publicly funded schools. In Ontario, teachers education is a two-year program with a combination of classroom-based and practicum-based learning opportunities.

Bachelors of Education, Althouse College at Western

Brescia students may apply for Primary-Junior, Junior-Intermediate (limited acceptance) or Intermediate-Senior teachers education at Althouse. Each program has it’s own set of requirements for teachables and admission.

Please refer to Althouse directly regarding deadlines, specialties, and program options.

Guaranteed Admission (French) at Western

Brescia University College students can apply for guaranteed admission to the Faculty of Education.  This applies to students interested in teaching at the Junior/Intermediate with a teachable in French, or Intermediate/Senior with a first teachable in French.

Students interested in teaching at the Primary/Junior should apply to the Faculty of Education through the regular process.

Application Requirements/Process:

Complete the Brescia Faculty of Education – Application form during Year 2 or Year 3. Please review the application form for specific requirements.

Students must also apply using the TEAS application on the Ontario Universities Application Centre by the stated deadline.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Coghlin, Associate Registrar, Student Success (jennifer.coghlin@uwo.ca)

Applying for Teachers Education

Students apply for Teachers Education programs via the Teacher Education Application Service. Applications are typically due at the beginning of December each year in Ontario — however, check with each school directly regarding specific deadlines.


Ontario Teacher Education Programs

Other Teacher Education programs in Ontario include:

Students interested in exploring opportunities for teaching outside of Ontario should meet with their academic advisor.