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MSc StudentsPlease see the pages listed under ‘current students’ for more information pertaining to course information and information regarding progression and graduation. Important links are listed below under both the Internship Stream and Thesis Stream tabs.

Current students are responsible to keep aware of the Key Term Dates for Graduate Students and the Graduate Student Regulations.

The MSc Foods & Nutrition FAQ page contains important information and is a good starting point if you are looking for answers.

Internship Practicum Stream

Students participate in shaping their practicum schedule through regular meetings with their Dietetic Education Coordinator, who ensures the placement schedule will meet dietetic competencies.

MSc Students

Health and Non-Health Requirements

All Internship Stream students need to be cleared by Western Student Health Services (WSHS) for various health and non-health requirements. Details for acquiring the Health and Non-Health requirements will be made available to students during Year 1 of the MScFN program, and updates will be posted to dietetic practicum students online western learning website (OWL). Below are some of the Health and Non-Health requirements that students will need to acquire prior to the start of their practicum.

  • Criminal Reference Check
  • Dietitians of Canada membership, accident, and liability insurance
  • Up-to-date immunizations and vaccines (a list will be provided)
  • Resume kept current
  • Proof of Driver’s License (G2)

Research Requirements

Research evaluation materials will be made available to students as part of their program orientation. Students are responsible to arrange regular meetings with their Faculty Research Supervisor to ensure successful progress with their research.

Thesis Stream

Thesis Stream students must follow the guidelines and procedures set by The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS). Please review all of the information on the SGPS website carefully. There are many details related to the thesis writing and examination that need to be reviewed.

MSc Students

Thesis Regulations

Please visit the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS) website for information on thesis regulations:

Thesis Submission and Timelines

Please visit the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS) website for information on submitting your thesis (including formatting, copyright, forms etc.) You will also find a timeline on this site which identifies the deadlines for submitting your thesis to graduate within a specific term.

Thesis Examinations at Brescia


Please work with your Thesis/Research Supervisor to identify a thesis examination date. You will need to ensure your thesis is approved by your supervisor (and necessary paperwork completed) in order to proceed to the thesis examination. Your thesis supervisor will need to ask faculty at Western and at Brescia (Division of Food and Nutritional Sciences) to participate as your Thesis Examination Committee. All of this information needs to be shared with the Graduate Program Coordinator so that the proper paperwork can be completed and submitted to SGPS for approval.

Thesis examinations are usually held in the Oak Room in Ursuline Hall (and may also be held in another room depending on availability). Thesis students are expected to prepare a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation, presented at the beginning of their thesis examination. The thesis examination usually lasts 2 hours.

Thesis Stream Links



Jan. 24, 2020: Chinese New Year Celebration

Jan. 29, 2020: Bell Let’s Talk Day

Feb. 11, 2020: Drop-In Q&A with Dietitians of Canada Student Rep

Feb. 15-23, 2020: Spring Reading Week

Feb. 27, 2020: Self-Defense Session

March 2, 2020: Building Your Brand on Social Media – Noelle Martin, MScFN, RD (7pm; St.James 136)

March 8, 2020: Dr. Hanycz Leadership Lecture

April 242020: Nutrition Research Day for MScFN Students

  1. Please visit The WIRE for graduate and postdoctoral community news and events at UWO:       
  2. Please visit Western Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies for dates regarding the ‘Scholars to Leaders Speaker Series’:
  3. Please visit the Western Events Calendar to view upcoming events including lectures, activities, and therapy dogs! (Make sure to filter by Graduate Students):
On Campus Resources

Take advantage of special areas open to graduate students.

  1. Grad Lounge: Located in Ursuline Hall at Brescia University College. This office includes four areas in which grad students can find a place to relax and get down to work and includes a secure storage space for grad students.
  2. Brescia’s Mercato & Starbucks: Located on Brescia’s Campus in Clare Hall, the Mercato is an amazing dining hall with nutritious meals served daily. The dinning hall includes a lounge area and a patio. There is also a Starbucks within the Mercato.
  3. Western University Gym Access: As a Brescia student you have access to Western Campus Recreation Centre. They offer a fully equipped gym as well as programs including aquatics, intramurals, drop-in, group fitness, cycling, skating, jogging, and dance.
  4. Grad Club: The Grad Club, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Society of Graduate Students of Western University, is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to promote the interests of graduate students. There are also weekly social events ranging from trivia to live music.
  5. Multiple Libraries: Take advantage of the numerous libraries available to students throughout the Western Campus, including affiliates (Brescia, Kings, and Huron). You can also access library material via the online database.


Need More Information?

Please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator whenever you have questions regarding the MScFN program.

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