Fall / Winter Registration

2018-2019 Brescia Registration Guide

The Registration Guide contains information on registration, course selection, fees and financial aid information, as well as a listing of various student support services. Please use the Registration Guide to assist with course planning and registration.

2018-2019 Brescia Registration Guide
2018-2019 Brescia Fall-Winter Timetable
2018-19 Affiliate Timetable (Coming June 2018)
2018-2019 Full Western Timetable

The timetable should be used in conjunction with the Academic Calendar for course descriptions and program requirements. You are strongly encouraged to verify course times by accessing the weblinks. All students will receive a personal e-mail with registration links.

Registration Dates

June 16, 2018Year 1 students
June 19-22, 2018Year 4 students
July 3-6, 2018Year 3 students
July 10-13, 2018Year 2 students

You can check your enrollment date by logging into Student Center. Your enrollment date will be available 48 hours prior to registration time.

For more information regarding your appointment time and how to access this, please click here.

Registration Issues

If you are having trouble adding a course through the online system:

  1. Please check the prerequisites
  2. Please check to see if the course is restricted or priority in the online timetable.

If neither of those are preventing your registration, you can contact The Hive at Brescia by email at  brescia@uwo.ca or by phone at 519-858-5151.

Please remember to include your student number in your emails, and your course and class numbers (very important!). To aid us in assisting you best, please refrain from contacting more than one of the Registrar’s Office staff at Brescia.

How to Register for Courses

Answers to your common registration questions can be found in the Registration Guide as well as through the links below:

Registration & Fee Payment

  • June 16: Online registration opens at 9:30 a.m. for students entering Year 1
  • June 19-22: Online registration for students entering Year 4
  • July 3-6: Online registration for students entering Year 3
  • July 10-13: Online registration for students entering Year 2
  • July 20: Priorities lift
  • August : Tuition and Fees payment deadline – Date TBA
  • September 6: First day of classes
  • September 14: Online Registration closes at 11:59 p.m.

Other Resources