Returning Year 1 and Upper Year Students

Step 1: Get Ready for Registration

Check your academic record to review adjudication comments. You can check your Academic Record online. Go to, and log in to the Student Center site, select Academic Record, View My Grades (to view your latest grades and grade report comments).

Access your appointment date:
Your course registration start time for the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Academic Year is available mid-June by signing into Student Center ( Once you have signed into Student Center you will see a box to the right titled “Enrollment Dates”. Click on details to view your appointment.

You will be able to add courses through Student Center beginning on your assigned date and time. The last day for web registration is September 16th.

June 18-21, 2019

July 2-5, 2019

July 9-12, 2019

Step 2: Pick Your Courses

All full-time students may enroll in 5.0 credits.
All part-time students may enroll in a maximum of 3.0 credits.

Most courses have a credit weight of 1.0 except:
F/G = 0.5 Essay course
A/B = 0.5 course
E = 1.0 Essay course

As an upper year student, you will need to select both required and optional courses. Refer to the Academic Calendar and the Brescia Modules for course prerequisites and module requirements.

Before you graduate with your 15.0 or 20.0 credit degree, all students must fulfill the following requirements.

Common degree requirements

  1.  All students must meet the admission and progression requirements for degree modules
  2.  5.0 courses numbered 0100-1999.
  3.  1.0 course from each of Category A (Social Science/Other), Category B (Arts) and Category C (Science)*.
    Brescia Approved Science Courses for Non-Science Students .
  4. At least 13.0 senior courses (numbered 2000-4999).
  5. 2.0 Essay courses with at least 1.0 at the senior level (2000-4999).

Step 3: Plan Your Timetable

(a) Using the “Draft My Schedule” timetabling tool found in your Student Centre, work out a conflict-free timetable. Remember, all full-time students may take a maximum of 5.0 courses. In building your timetable, you may not have an “un-balanced” load. This means that you are restricted to five courses in each term (Fall and Winter). Please note: Draft My Schedule is a timetabling tool, and does not verify enrollment. After mapping your timetable on Draft My Schedule, you must still enroll on your Student Centre.

(b) Ensure that you have selected a minimum of 3.0 Brescia courses. If your selected courses are offered at Brescia, you are expected to take the course at Brescia. In building your timetable, you may wish to schedule your Brescia and your required courses first.

If you are unable to enroll in a Brescia section of a course, you may obtain permission to take the course at King’s, Huron or Western. Courses that are not offered at Brescia, may be taken at King’s, Huron or Western and do not require permission. Students are advised to select their courses carefully. Many departments at Brescia have created a rotating schedule of course offerings to ensure that Brescia students can fulfill their residency requirement. Within a students’ degree program only 40% of the courses can be taken through the main campus.

Step 4: Course Registration

On the web:

Web registration can be accessed through the Western Student Services Center at To access the system you will need:

  • Your Student Number and PIN
  • Your Western username and Password and a valid appointment time.
  • A completed, conflict-free timetable from Draft my Schedule.It may be useful to select a couple of alternate courses if your first choice is unavailable. You will be able to change you course selections throughout the summer on the web.

Registration Help:

If you require assistance when registering, you may contact the Hive or the Brescia Registration Hotline by email at or by phone at 519-432-8353 ext. 20113 during regular office hours. You can also contact the UWO Help Line at 519-661-2100

Step 5: Confirmation of Courses

For web registration:

Check your timetable on the Web Registration panels. Once you add or drop courses on the web, your record WILL BE UPDATED IMMEDIATELY. After submitting or revising your course selections, check the STATUS area to ensure that each course was successfully added/dropped.

Registration Help:

If you requested assistance from The Hive at Brescia, confirmation of your courses will be e-mailed to you as soon as your request has been processed. Any changes to your timetable will be available to view on the web only. You may make changes to your courses once they are loaded on your record.

Step 6: Tuition and Fees Payment

Fees are due in early August, 2018 — please continue to check your Western email for updates. Students are not mailed a fee bill indicating projected fees, but can check their personal invoice online. If paying by installments, the second term fees are due December 1, 2018. Refer to the Brescia Fee Schedule for more information on installment payments and payment options.

For more information regarding wire transfers from outside of Canada, contact Deb Van Belois in the Business Office. If you decide to cancel your registration, please call The Hive at Brescia as soon as possible, 519-858-5151


Students who have applied for OSAP by June 30, 2019 and have been notified of their entitlement, will receive an automatic deferral of fees until the loan documents have been received at Brescia University College for pick-up by the student. No deferment will be made for students appealing OSAP after a “nil” assessment has been received.


Brescia students who have been awarded a Brescia scholarship should deduct the value of their scholarship from their fee payment.