Intent to Register


Returning to Brescia in September 2020?

Students must complete their Intent to Register at between January 31st – April 30th if returning for the next academic year.

What is ITR?
Intent to Register (ITR) is the process to notify Brescia and Western that you will be returning next year.

This is a mandatory process – ITR tells us what campus you are going to attend, what degree you plan to pursue, and what modules you plan to enroll in. This helps Brescia plan their courses based on numbers, and it generate you a registration enrollment date in the summer when you will select your courses for next year.

ITR is available in your Student Centre at as of January 31st. Fill out the form by March 31st. If you change your mind during this process, we will use your last completed form for the adjudication process.

Choosing My Module
Some questions to consider during the ITR process are:

What am I interested in?

Students who study what they enjoy and are interested in are more focused and motivated on their studying, which will likely lead to higher marks and enjoying your time at Brescia more.

Think about the current courses you are taking right now, and what you might want your remaining courses at University to look like.

Do I have the pre-requisites for this module

To be eligible for a module, students must meet the admission requirements as stated in the Western Academic Calendar. This ensures student’s have the background required to be successful later in the module.

If you are not meeting the pre-requisites for admission, you could still select this as your first choice on your Intent to Register – this helps us see where you want to go, and guide you on your pathway to success.

What career options are open to me with this program?

Does your future career goal have course pre-requisites that you need to complete?

Remember — certain second-entry level programs like Medicine, Dentistry, Law and Teaching do not require specific programs!

Where do my strengths lie?

Beyond understanding subject matter – what are your strengths? Do you enjoy problem-solving and critical thinking? Do you enjoy presentations?

Consider how your strengths can be used within your academic choices!

Why do I want to be in this program?

Are you interested in this subject to explore it at a higher level? Are you prepared for the workload within this program? Does this topic excite you and instill curiosity?

More information about all the modules available at Brescia and their pre-requisites can be found here.

F.A.Q.s of ITR
What is my Faculty?

Your Faculty is Brescia University College.

What will happen if I don’t submit my ITR?

If you don’t submit a form, you will not receive an enrollment date in the summer to choose your Fall/Winter courses.  This may jeopardize your opportunity to enroll in limited enrollment courses on time over the summer.

What if I change my mind after submitting my ITR?

You can re-submit your ITR through Student Center as often as you like until April 30th, so it is totally fine to change your mind.  You should also know that your ITR is never set in stone, if you declare a module in second year, but find yourself interested in something else, you can change your program at the next ITR.  It is important to be in the program you wish to graduate from in your fourth year, but leading up to that, students often make changes to their programs.

Is there any reason why I can’t do ITR online?

If you are student in the preliminary year, or if you are student in a concurrent degree program, you will not be able to do ITR online.  You will need to fill out a paper ITR form with an Academic Advisor.  If you are not currently enrolled at Brescia (or Western), you will also need to complete a paper ITR form with an Advisor.  Otherwise, all students should be able to complete the online form.

What happens if my module requirements have changed?

Sometimes a discipline will review their modules and change the module requirements.  If this happens, you can still follow the module from the year in which you entered the program.  Recent changes have happened in Foods and Nutrition, Nutrition and Families and Psychology.  If you have questions about this, you can ask your Academic Advisor.

How will I know if I am eligible for the program I chose with ITR?

Brescia will determine your eligibility for the programs you choose during ITR when all final grades are submitted in May – the university calls this the adjudication process.  Your Student Center account will be updated to show the program you have been registered for, in late May.

Why do I have to make a first choice and a second choice?

We encourage all of our students to make a first choice and second choice so that when adjudication happens in May, if you are not eligible for your first choice, you can be considered for your second choice.  For requirements to get into the modules, please consult your modules in the Western Academic Calendar.

Do I select my courses for next year during ITR?

No.  You are only indicating the program(s) you are planning to pursue.  You choose your courses for September over the summer, and you enroll in them during your enrollment date and time.