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At Brescia, we keep your first-year requirements flexible so you can explore the variety of disciplines offered through Brescia and across the Western campuses. You can design your own degree program from combinations of Specializations, Majors, and Minors that can be joined to lead to a three-year, four-year, and four-year Honors degrees in:

  1. Bachelor of Arts
  2. Bachelor of Management & Organizational Studies
  3. Bachelor of Science (Foods & Nutrition)
  4. Bachelor of Arts (Human Ecology)
  5. Bachelor of Science (Human Ecology)

Brescia offers the following undergraduate programs:

School of Humanities

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Division of Food and Nutritional Sciences

Division of Social Sciences

Division of Sociology and Family Studies

Dimensions of Leadership

Aspire to LeadAspire… Brescia’s Dimensions of Leadership program is for those who aspire to lead. For a quick interactive overview of Brescia’s Dimensions of Leadership program, visit Aspire to Lead.