School of Behavioural & Social Sciences

Please see below for a listing of programs in the School of Behavioural & Social Sciences at Brescia University.

Criminal Justice

Brescia’s Criminal Justice program is designed for students interested in pursuing careers related to policing, corrections, courts, law, and policy. Students learn about different elements of the criminal justice system, problems impacting crime victims, factors predisposing people to criminality, concerns with surveillance and security, and strategies used to prevent crime. Our students are taught by encouraging professors and, through our service-learning courses, work with our criminal justice community partners to gain valuable hands-on experience. Learn more

Family Studies

As a student in Family Studies you will gain the background to help you become a professional in one of the many careers that positively affect the well-being of Canadian families. You will learn about many different aspects of family life and your classes will include material on everything from the diversity of families, to how individuals and families change and grow through the life course, to how laws and policies impact different kinds of families. Learn more


Psychology is both an applied and academic field that studies the human mind and behaviour. Research in Psychology seeks to understand and explain thought, emotion, and behaviour. Applications of Psychology are everywhere: education, business, mental health treatment, sport performance enhancement, the legal system and public health campaigns. Learn more


Sociology is for those who are fascinated by the social world and how it operates. Brescia’s Sociology modules offer you the advantage of tailoring your studies to what interests you the most about society. Are advertising and social media relevant to you? Interested in crime and gender? Health and culture? If so, then you would enjoy and benefit from our Sociology programs and courses at Brescia. Learn more