School of Humanities

Please see below for a listing of programs in the School of Humanities at Brescia University College:


In English you can study British, American, and Canadian literature, and writing. We have several degree options: a four-year Honours Specialization in English Language and Literature, a Specialization, Major, Minor and a special Minor for Teachers. Learn more


At Brescia we have strong French programs created to meet the challenges of your future profession, whether it be in teaching, business, marketing, law, government, information technology, nutrition and foodservice, banking, or industry and advertising.  Small student-centred classes where learning is achieved through instructional technologies, individual work, group work, interactive exercises, and presentations, allow the focus to be on you and your learning. Learn more


History provides insights into the human experience, and skills to help you make your own path in today’s world. Whether you’re looking for an interesting course, or want to specialize in History, this discipline offers a student-centred approach to analyzing complex issues. Learn more


The study of philosophy embodies the mission of Brescia University College, which seeks to produce liberally educated women who not only think critically but also consider the ethical implications of their decisions. Brescia’s philosophy courses help students to acquire basic cultural literacy, enhance their abilities to articulate and reflect on fundamental issues such as happiness, justice and the meaning of life and to empower students to take their place as citizens capable of critically evaluating arguments that bear on public affairs. Learn more

Political Science

Political Science studies how government settles major societal disagreements and conflicts. Disputes over health care systems, the running of the global economy, and the right of countries to even exist – these are the sorts of things you would look at if you took Political Science at Brescia. You would also seek to understand these conflicts and to prescribe bold solutions. Learn more

Religious Studies

Religion is a wide-reaching subject because it searches the depths of what it is to be human. What is the meaning and purpose of life? How do we understand our relations with others, with the natural world and with the divine? How did we get here, and how do we move forward to create a world more just and equitable? Learn more