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In English you can study British, American, and Canadian literature, and writing. We have several degree options: a four-year Honors Specialization in English Language and Literature, a Specialization, Major, Minor, and a special Minor for Teachers. The skills acquired in English degrees and courses are transferable to a large number of careers. These programs are perfect for students who want a flexible range of career options which depend on advanced communication skills. Brescia English alumnae hold jobs in business, law, public service, education, communications, data analysis, libraries, healthcare, advertising, public relations, human resources, research, and publishing. Brescia’s English graduates have excelled in post-graduate programs around the world. Brescia’s English programs received the highest possible ranking in their last provincially mandated external review, and they were ranked as “an area of strength” at Brescia by an internal academic taskforce. In Brescia’s English program, you will be taught by experts who have written books and articles, who are excellent teachers, and who love to read.

Musings of Brescia

Brescia students publish and edit this bi-monthly journal of creative writing. Musings of Brescia gives students a creative outlet and showcase for their writing. Visit the Musings of Brescia home page.

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If you have questions, please contact Dr. Dominick Grace, Chair, School of Humanities, at dgrace2@uwo.ca or 519-432-8353 x28244.


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The final examination counts for no less than 35%, and no more than 50%, of the student’s final grade. Students are required to pass both term work and the final examination in order to receive credit for any course in English.


A student who has earned at least 60% in English 1020E, 1024E, 1022E (offered on Main Campus) or both English 1027F/G and 1028F/G, and has maintained 60% standing in all subsequent English courses taken, may register in one or more honours courses. Note, honours English students are required to have a 70% average in principal courses to proceed into and to remain in the honours program.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates find rewarding careers in positions, such as:

  • Business Manager
  • Creative Writer
  • Curator
  • ESL
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Librarian
  • Literary Agent
  • Media
  • Publisher
  • Teacher

“Brescia’s English program gave me a further appreciation of the English language and literature – from learning the history of the English language to 19th Century and American Literature – I learned to appreciate the various styles and nuances of it all. As a professional in the communications and administrative fields I am constantly reading and creating narratives, be it basic everyday communications to more creative writing. Brescia’s English program provided a foundation for me to not only find my voice, but use it in a style and nuance that are uniquely mine.”

– Fran Tran ’07, Freelance Publicist/Owner at FMT Communications & PR


The full-time faculty members are:

The contract faculty members are:

  • Dr. Carolyn Weber