At Brescia we have strong French programs created to meet the challenges of your future profession, whether it be in teaching, business, marketing, law, government, information technology, nutrition and foodservice, banking, or industry, and advertising. Small student-centred classes where learning is achieved through instructional technologies, individual work, group work, interactive exercises, and presentations, allow the focus to be on you and your learning.

Professors get to know you quickly and are interested in your success. Course content is designed with your best interests in mind.  Over the four years of your French program we promise that you will get a solid foundation in both oral and written French.

Brescia French Placement Test

Not sure where to start? Brescia’s French Placement Test will assess your French level and you will be notified of which French course to start your studies with.

Guaranteed Admission to the Faculty of Education at Western

Brescia University College students can apply for guaranteed admission to the Faculty of Education at Western University. This applies to students interested in teaching at the Primary/Junior level, Junior/Intermediate level with a teachable in French, or Intermediate/Senior level with a first teachable in French (plus a second teachable).

Application Requirements/Process:
Complete the Brescia/Faculty of Education – Applicant Information Form (French) during Year 2 or Year 3. Please review the application form for specific requirements.

Students must also apply using the TEAS application on the Ontario Universities Application Centre by the stated deadline.

For more information about the Western University Guaranteed Admission, please contact Marianne Simm, Vice-Principal, Students (

Admissions Pathway to the Faculty of Education at York

Brescia University College students can apply through the pathway agreement to the Faculty of Education at York University. This applies to students interested in teaching at the Junior/Intermediate level with a teachable in French as a Second Language, or Intermediate/Senior level with a first teachable in French as a Second Language (plus a second teachable subject).

Application Requirements/Process:
Candidates must apply to York University by following the steps identified on the admissions website ( The application must be received no later than December 1st in order to qualify for admission to the following fall term.

For more information about the York University pathway, please contact Marianne Simm, Vice-Principal, Students (

Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Dominick Grace, Chair, School of Humanities, at or 519-432-8353 x28244.


To learn about prerequisites for the French program, please click on the appropriate category below:



Summer 2018

  • 3894A-530 – French Pronunciation 1

Courses offered next year (2018-2019)

Language courses:

  • 1002 – Intensive (beginner) French
  • 1010 – Intermediate French
  • 1910 – Language (advanced level I)
  • 2900 – Language (advanced level II)
  • 3900 – Language (advanced level III)
  • 4900A – Language (advanced level IV, special topic)
  • 4901B – Language (advanced level IV, special topic)
  • 4903A – Advanced French Communication

Literature courses

  • 2600E – Introduction to French literature
  • 3602F – Culture and literature in society: 20th-century France
  • 3720F – Culture and literature in society: Quebec and French-Canada
  • 4113G – Senior Seminar in French Literature

Skills and special topics

  • 2404B – French and Francophone cultures
  • 2907A – Writing workshop in French
  • 3265B – Bridging University & French second language classrooms (volunteering in schools)
  • 3890A – French Applied Linguistics
  • 3894B – French Pronunciation 1
  • 4890B – French Applied Linguistics II

What will you be learning?

In French Language courses, you will:

  • understand why “things are said the way they are in French”
  • have excellent instruction in French pronunciation and phonetics
  • greatly improve your spoken and written French
  • learn French as it is spoken in everyday life so that you will understand what “the locals” and French menus are really saying
  • recognize common mistakes made by Anglophones in speaking French

In French Literature courses, you will:

  • learn about French and Quebecois culture
  • read some of the great masterpieces of French, Quebecois, and World Literatures
  • have direct contact with the French language
  • observe how French grammar rules are actually used
  • learn to express your thoughts better in both oral and written French
  • participate in engaging discussions on the real-life situations of fictional characters
  • be surprised to learn much about other subjects such as Psychology, Sociology, History, Religion, Philosophy, and Geography

Career Opportunities

Our graduates find rewarding careers in positions, such as:

  • Communications Specialist
  • ESL Translator
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Human Resources Worker
  • Language Specialist
  • Policy Analyst

Everything I have accomplished in the last seven years of my life is because of the education I received at Brescia. I remember my first day in French class with Sister Mary Frances, and how nervous I was to be away from home. It did not take long for me to feel like I was in the place where I was meant to be. I was introduced to a world of opportunities with the Volunteer French Teacher program, which is available only at Brescia. This program presented me with the professional connections and friendships I made in the teaching world, all of which helped me become the teacher I am today. I am proud to say Brescia built me as the leader I am, and I can now pass on this knowledge to my own students every single day.

Lindsay Gerberdt ’14 – French immersion Teacher in the Avon Maitland District School Board


The full-time faculty members are:

The contract faculty members are:

  • Mr. Kenan Fanni
  • Ms. Sigrid Hynscht
  • Dr. Carmen McCarron