School of Leadership & Social Change

Please see below for a listing of programs in the School of Leadership & Social Change at Brescia University College:

Community Development

Are you interested in becoming an engaged citizen and a leader for social change locally and globally? If so then Brescia’s Community Development Program may be the undergraduate program for you. Through community service-learning, you will develop the skills you need to connect life experiences to more theoretical classroom study. Through our student-centred and responsive teaching style, you will be challenged to become engaged and socially responsible citizens, as well as compassionate leaders. Learn more

Leadership Studies

What does being a leader mean to you? Through this major, you’ll explore this question and gain the knowledge, understanding, and character you need to develop as a leader. Through theory, skill development, and the application of those skills, you’ll learn to lead yourself, engage others, achieve results together, develop partnerships, and make systemic changes. You’ll help to shape your corner of the world—or the world at large. Learn more

Management and Organizational Studies

In our program you will benefit from Brescia’s small class sizes and supportive environment. You will also have the chance to experience a broad variety of learning methods – field studies, simulations, case studies, exercises, live problems, as well as lectures. Learn more

Non-profit Management

Brescia’s new degree in Nonprofit Management combines courses in Leadership, Community Development, Nonprofit and General Management to prepare students to make a difference in society, lead organizations, and make recommendations for positive change. Learn more