Brescia UCCollege of Applied Arts and Technology (C.A.A.T.) Transfer

If you’re deciding to transfer from college to Brescia, you are very welcome here. Transferring is easy – just follow these guidelines to determine your eligibility for admission to Brescia.

Completing a Certificate or Diploma at a College?

To be considered for admission, you will have:

  • Completed or currently completing the first year of a General Arts and Science, Pre-Health Science, or Human Services Foundation Certificate  program with a minimum overall average of “B” (3.0 GPA);
  • Completed or currently completing a two-year or three-year C.A.A.T. Diploma program with a minimum overall average of “B” (3.0 GPA)
  • Have the necessary prerequisite requirements in Math or Science, depending on the program to which you apply. Please contact our Admissions Team for more information if you are applying to Family Studies (BSc), Foods & Nutrition, Kinesiology, or Management and Organizational Studies

Transfer Credits

To be considered for potential transfer credits you would be currently completing or have already completed:

  • A two- or three-year C.A.A.T. Diploma program
  • Achieved an average of  “B” (3.0 GPA)

C.A.A.T. transfer students may receive a maximum of 3.0 courses for a two-year Diploma program or 5.0 courses for a three-year Diploma program.

Articulation Agreements with our partnered colleges can be found through the University Handbook website.

For more detailed information about the potential for college transfer credits or articulation agreements with Ontario Colleges, please visit the Ontario College University Transfer Guide.