Brescia UCFor Admission

You may have already attended a university, but it wasn’t the right fit.  Or you may be thinking about beginning a new degree program with us.   If you’re thinking about transferring to Brescia, we want to make the transition seamless for you. If you had a minimum overall average of 70% at your previous accredited university we will consider you for transfer to Brescia. If our grading system differs from that at your previous university, we will convert your grades to The University of Western Ontario’s equivalents.

Transfer Credits

When applying to Brescia, our Admissions Team will assess your admission eligibility and your previous course work to determine which credits can be transferred. Advanced standing may be granted for courses completed at another university with a minimum mark of 60%. Brescia will assess all applications on an individual basis and can transfer a maximum of 10.0 courses.  Please note that our Admissions Team may require submission of official course outlines/syllabi to determine a course equivalency at our university.

Transfer credit is subject to department approval, based on your intended area of study.

Brescia at Western University has recently joined with the following six Ontario Universities to make it easier for students to get credit for courses already completed. Students who have completed an first year, arts and science degree course at McMaster University, Queen’s University, University of Guelph, University of Ottawa, University of Waterloo, or University of Toronto, with a minimum of 60%, are assured of general, first year credit upon admission to Brescia.

Among the 7-member University Credit Transfer Consortium, we will grant specific course credit for 20 of the most highly subscribed first year foundational courses. Consortium members are committed to ensuring that all courses within our degrees meet standards of high quality and that our foundational courses adequately prepare for more focused learning in higher years. Completing any of these foundational courses at any Consortium member university will satisfy the program prerequisite requirement that the corresponding Brescia/Western course would satisfy, subject to meeting the grade requirements.

Please refer to the transfer credit matrix available at:

Special Students: University Graduates

If you have earned a first degree equivalent to at least a 15.0 course credits at Western with a minimum average of 60% (in the context of Western’s grading system) then you are eligible to apply for admission to take courses at Brescia for credit as a Special Student.

Students who have an undergraduate degree from another accredited university and who intend to either upgrade from a non-honors to an honors degree or complete the requirements for a second honors degree in another discipline, must apply for general admission to Brescia University College as a Special Student.

If you have an undergraduate degree from another accredited university and intend to either upgrade to an honors degree or complete the requirements for a second honors degree in another discipline, we would ask you to apply to Brescia University College as a Special Student.  The only exception to this case is for those pursuing our Foods & Nutrition undergraduate program.