Scholarships & Aid

Brescia UCBrescia has a number of financial aid options available, specifically for international students.

Scholarships for International High School Students

ScholarshipNumber AwardedAcademic RequirementsValue
International Entrance ScholarshipUnlimited90.0%+$3000
Sister Ste. Anne LachanceOne80%+$6000 and Brescia Residence room fee

International Entrance Scholarships are automatic and guaranteed based on final admission averages as calculated by Brescia. All of the above scholarships (including the Sister Ste. Anne Lachance Scholarship) are renewable at a value of $2000 in subsequent years. In order to retain a continuing scholarship, recipients must maintain an 80% average on five full courses taken concurrently in the September to April term while registered at Brescia University College.

The Sister Ste. Anne Lachance Scholarship is an entrance scholarship awarded to the international student with demonstrated academic achievement and community service. The recipient will receive $6000 towards academic tuition and Brescia residence room free for her first year of study at Brescia. Application to this scholarship is not automatic. Eligible students should complete and submit a written application to Brescia’s Registrar’s Office.

Deadline to Apply: June 26, 2015.


Maple Leaf Community Leader Award

This new award is for students entering Brescia direct from an MLES school in China. Maple Leaf students who apply for this award should demonstrate involvement in their school (leadership/volunteer activities) and/or local community. Two recipients will receive $2500 toward academic tuition. For additional information visit Maple Leaf Community Leader Award and access the application form here.
Deadline to apply: April 1st, 2015

CultureWorks International Award

This in-course needs-based award has been established through the generosity of CultureWorks and has been designated to assist CultureWorks graduates continuing studies at Brescia and in financial need. Fill in the CultureWorks International Award Application.

Deadline to apply: September 30th, annually.

Rhoda Olive Scanlan MacRae Bursary

This bursary is awarded to a student with demonstrated financial need. Preference is given to International or Out-of-Province full-time students. Students apply through the General Bursary Application. Visit Brescia’s Bursary Page for more information.

Deadline to Apply: October 31st, annually.

Sister Ste. Anne Lachance International Bursary

This bursary is awarded to an International student with demonstrated financial need. Students apply through the General Bursary Application. Visit Brescia’s Bursary Page for more information.

Deadline to Apply: October 31st, annually.

Work Study Program

Brescia assists students each year through a part-time job program that allows the student to supplement other resources through earnings. To be eligible you must:

  • Be an International Student studying in a Degree Program and;
  • Be taking a minimum of 60% or more of a full-course load and;
  • Demonstrate financial need through the application process.

For more information on this program, including the application process, please visit Brescia’s Work Study Page.

Information on working in Canada is available from Western’s International & Exchange Student Centre.


International students must demonstrate that they have sufficient resources to meet their financial needs in order to qualify for a student visa. International students should seek financial aid from sources in their country of residence. International students who can demonstrate that they are facing an unforseen/unforseeable temporary financial emergency, are eligible to apply for bursary assistance on a case-by-case basis.

External Sources of Financial Aid

Aside from exploring assistance that Brescia directly offers its students, students are encouraged to explore external sources of financial aid. Below is a list of some web sites that you may find helpful.

The key to seeking financial assistance through your home country or web sites for international students is to ensure accountability of the originating source. Check the government web site of your home country for information and contact the key government office for advice.