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Cait Bionda, AdmissionsCait & Liaison Officer

Hometown: Huntsville, ON
Program Studied: BA Social Sciences
Why I chose Brescia: I wanted a small campus experience without losing any of the ‘extras’ a big campus has to offer.
Fun fact: I love yoga, and I try to take a yoga class in every city I visit during liaison season.




Chantelle Lassaline, Admissions & Liaison Officer ChantelleL

Hometown: Oil Springs, ON
Program Studied: BA History and Bioarchaeological Anthropology; B.Ed.
Fun Fact: I’ve been on service learning trips to both the Dominican Republic and New Orleans, and am eagerly awaiting to plan my next excursion.




Kaitlin Cole, Admissions & Liaison Officer, Special Programs

Hometown: Corunna, Ontario
Program Studied: BA Community Development and Sociology
Why I chose Brescia: The first time I walked onto campus I immediately felt like I was at home. Everyone from the staff to the faculty were helpful, encouraging and passionate about what they did on a daily basis. I loved how you could study within a smaller campus that was part of a larger community (Western University). I appreciated the smaller class sizes and one on one support provided by your professors.
Fun fact: I am a true kid at heart! I love curling up on the couch to watch a Disney movie. Some of my ultimate favourites are Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo and Tangled.


Jazmyn Jansen, Media and Liaison Officer

Hometown: Brantford, ON
Program Studied: BA Nutrition and Families
Why I chose Brescia: I first visited Brescia during the Fall Preview Day event of my grade 12 year. Although I was originally drawn to Brescia for the Nutrition program, I realized that Brescia would have so much more to offer than just my program of interest! I immediately felt a connection to the campus and to the community here. My intuition told me Brescia was the right choice for me – and I couldn’t imagine finding a better fit!
Fun Fact: 
I used to run competitive track in grade school and high school. As a university student, I continued my love for running (for fun!) on the beautiful trails behind Brescia. I ran my first Half Marathon in 2016, and plan to run a full marathon in the near future!

Zhang Yi, China Program Liaison Officer

Hometown: Beijing, China
Program studied: BA English Translation
Favourite vacation spot: Maldives
Fun fact: I love long distance running and attended the Color Run activity this May – It is the happiest 5km on the planet! I plan to attend the Bubble Run next summer!



Rhea Johnson, Associate Registrar, Recruitment & Admissions

Hometown: London, ON
Program Studied: BA Media, Information, and Technoculture; MA Media Studies
Fun Fact: I have traveled the world to meet with prospective students! I have visited almost every city in Ontario (aside from Thunder Bay!); Montebello, Quebec; Burlington, Vermont; Calgary and Canmore, Alberta; Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE; China, Hong Kong, Barbados, Bermuda, Antigua, St. Lucia and Grenada.