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Abby Wilken, Liaison Officer

Hometown: Hanover, ON
Program Studied: BA Psychology & Sociology
Fun fact: I love to be active and get outdoors. I spend my spare time hiking, snowboarding, yoga, travelling and more! On one of my favourite adventures I visited Kilauea, a live volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island.



Elizabeth Doelman, Liaison Officer

Hometown: London, ON
Program Studied: BA French Studies and English Literature
Why I chose Brescia: Brescia provides a warm and personalized experience for each of its students. Small class sizes and one-on-one help and advice from faculty members are very important to me. From the beginning of my time at Brescia, I have noticed how each student is valued and how staff and faculty members go to great lengths to help students achieve their goals.
Fun fact: I love languages, especially French, and I love learning about other cultures! As a Brescia student, I had the opportunity to participate in two French language immersion programs. After my first year, I studied at Western’s French Immersion School in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec, and last summer I participated in the European Summer Program at Université Catholique de Lille in northern France. In the future, I hope to spend more time working or studying in a francophone community!

Caitie Cheeseman, Enrollment Services Assistant

Hometown: Waterloo, ON
Program Studied: BSc Honors Specialization Nutrition & Dietetics, Major Food Management
Why I chose Brescia: I appreciated the small class sizes and opportunity to develop a strong working relationship with my professors! As a student who was involved in my high school, I also was inspired by seeing all the student leaders involved on campus, and knew there would be great opportunities available to me to grow as a leader.
Fun fact: I took advantage of my time at Brescia and got involved across campus in many clubs and groups at Brescia and Western, including serving on the Western Students’ Council, running the Brescia Orientation Week, and being President of the Brescia Students’ Council!

Cait Bionda, AdmissionsCait & Liaison Officer

Hometown: Huntsville, ON
Program Studied: BA Social Sciences
Why I chose Brescia: I wanted a small campus experience without losing any of the ‘extras’ a big campus has to offer.
Fun fact: I love yoga, and I try to take a yoga class in every city I visit during liaison season.




Chantelle Lassaline, Admissions & Liaison Officer ChantelleL

Hometown: Oil Springs, ON
Program Studied: BA History and Bioarchaeological Anthropology; B.Ed.
Fun Fact: I’ve been on service learning trips to both the Dominican Republic and New Orleans, and am eagerly awaiting to plan my next excursion.




Kaitlin Cole, Admissions & Liaison Officer, Special Programs

Hometown: Corunna, Ontario
Program Studied: BA Community Development and Sociology
Why I chose Brescia: The first time I walked onto campus I immediately felt like I was at home. Everyone from the staff to the faculty were helpful, encouraging and passionate about what they did on a daily basis. I loved how you could study within a smaller campus that was part of a larger community (Western University). I appreciated the smaller class sizes and one on one support provided by your professors.
Fun fact: I am a true kid at heart! I love curling up on the couch to watch a Disney movie. Some of my ultimate favourites are Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo and Tangled.


Jazmyn Jansen, Media and Liaison Officer

Hometown: Brantford, ON
Program Studied: BA Nutrition and Families
Why I chose Brescia: I first visited Brescia during the Fall Preview Day event of my grade 12 year. Although I was originally drawn to Brescia for the Nutrition program, I realized that Brescia would have so much more to offer than just my program of interest! I immediately felt a connection to the campus and to the community here. My intuition told me Brescia was the right choice for me – and I couldn’t imagine finding a better fit!
Fun Fact: 
I used to run competitive track in grade school and high school. As a university student, I continued my love for running (for fun!) on the beautiful trails behind Brescia. I ran my first Half Marathon in 2016, and plan to run a full marathon in the near future!

Zhang Yi, China Program Liaison Officer

Hometown: Beijing, China
Program studied: BA English Translation
Favourite vacation spot: Maldives
Fun fact: I love long distance running and attended the Color Run activity this May – It is the happiest 5km on the planet! I plan to attend the Bubble Run next summer!



Rhea Johnson, Associate Registrar, Recruitment & Admissions

Hometown: London, ON
Program Studied: BA Media, Information, and Technoculture; MA Media Studies
Fun Fact: I have traveled the world to meet with prospective students! I have visited almost every city in Ontario (aside from Thunder Bay!); Montebello, Quebec; Burlington, Vermont; Calgary and Canmore, Alberta; Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE; China, Hong Kong, Barbados, Bermuda, Antigua, St. Lucia and Grenada.