Track Your Application

Western’s Student Center website will allow you to view your admissions status online.

Before you get started, you will need your:

  • OUAC Number
  • Western Access Code *
  • Western Student Number

* To retrieve your Western Access Code, you will need your OUAC Number and Western Student Number. Applicants who did not use OUAC to apply should contact their Admissions Officer to obtain their Western Access Code.

Step 1: Activate your Western Identity in order to access your Student Center and Western email

  • First, you will need to activate your Western Identity in order to obtain a User ID and password
  • You will need your Western Access Code and Western Student Number for this step.
  • Please read and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Once activation is complete, please remember your User ID and password in order to access your Student Center (Step 2) and your Western email (Step 3). Please note: If you have applied to other Western campuses, you do not need to activate your username and password for each campus – you can track all applications to any Western campuses through the Student Center.

Step 2: Access your Student Center Information

  • You can keep track of your application online by signing into Western’s Student Center at:
  • Use your User ID and password (obtained from Step 1) to log in.
  • You can view your application status under the “Admissions” heading.
    Please note: Student Center only lists the required documents needed for applications to Western’s Main Campus. Please review your acknowledgment email sent by your Admissions Officer to see which documents are needed to complete your application.

Step 3: Access your Western Email

  • Your Western email account can be accessed at:
  • Use your User ID (+ “”) and password (obtained from Step 1) to log in.
  • Please note that the email account usually takes 24-48 hours to work after you activate your username and password.