Advanced Learning and Teaching Centre


The ALT Centre is the centre for evidence- and outcomes-based education at Brescia. What makes us ‘advanced’ is our focus on students’ entire educational experience: we encourage both excellence in teaching and Brescia’s delivery of high impact learning practices. We also provide space – both physical and otherwise – to facilitate learning. Through our scholarship in teaching and learning we aim to establish Brescia as a leader in student-centred, outcomes-based education.


ALT Workshops

Each academic year, the ALT Centre hosts a series of workshops to support Brescia’s teaching and learning mission. The 2017-2018 academic year features a series of workshops focused on teaching and accessing the Brescia Competencies.

Do you have a future ALT workshop request or idea? Please contact us.

     Cool Teaching Ideas: September Edition

Faculty Member Dr. Jamie Seabrook standing in Mercato

The next edition of Cool Teaching Ideas will be held on December 15, 2017 from 11AM-12:30PM in the ALT Centre. You can suggest what the group should discuss in the first half hour of this event when you register.

Do you have a ‘cool idea’ you’d like to demonstrate? Would you like to invite a guest? Make sure to let us know!