Sister Mary Lou McKenzie Young Alumnae Award of Merit


This award was renamed in 2011 after Sister May Lou McKenzie in honour of her dedication to Brescia and its students. The award winner will be a Brescia graduate, from within the past 10 years, who has shown leadership in her career and who embodies Brescia’s values of wisdom, justice and compassion.


  • The recipient will be an alumna of Brescia University College who has graduated within the past 10 years.
  • She will have consented to be nominated
  • She will be available to attend the award presentation on the Sunday of Homecoming. (In the case of a posthumous award, a member of the deceased’s family must be present to accept the award.)


Nomination Criteria

Personal Achievement

Why do you think this woman should receive this award?

Contribution to Others

How has she enriched the lives of others?

Leadership/Role Model

How has the nominee shown leadership and been a role model for others?


How does she typify the values and strengths of Brescia?

Outstanding Characteristics

State how the nominee has been recognized by her peers, including any special awards she has received. Add any additional comments you feel make this nominee distinctive including any obstacles she overcame to realize her achievements.


How to Apply

Please provide responses to the nomination criteria (maximum three pages) and the following documents:

  • Nominee’s resume
  • Supporting documents, e.g. letters of support (maximum five pages)

Nominations for 2020 close on May 1. Any nominations received after the closing date will be forwarded to the following year.


 Online Nomination Form