Alumnae Ring

In 2012, Brescia introduced a bold new alumnae ring ceremony to Baccalaureate!

The Brescia Alumnae ring is a simple depiction of the Brescia dove.  In Greek mythology the dove was the bird of the Goddess Athena, representing the renewal of life.  We see similar meanings for the dove as depicted in Chinese, Japanese, Hindu and Islamic traditions.  And, of course, for Christians, the dove represents the sacred gifts of peace, consistency, wisdom and the spirit of the Creator.

It was designed to show the lasting spirit of Brescia and all that it stands for. We hope that this ring will become a lasting tie to Brescia and a reminder of your time spent with us.

Following the presentation of a ring to each student at Baccalaureate, the graduating class recites the Alumnae Pledge.

The Brescia Alumnae Pledge

As a proud graduate of Brescia University College, I pledge my loyalty to my Alma Mater.

I promise to uphold and embrace the founding values and principles of the Ursuline Sisters by living my life with honesty and personal integrity. I promise to pursue a just world and actively contribute to the greater good of society.

I promise to strive for personal and professional excellence to honour the bold alumnae who came before me and set an example for the bold women who will follow.

In all things, I promise to lead with wisdom, justice and compassion in a changing world.

This is my pledge to myself, to my family, to my fellow alumnae and to Brescia.


Getting your Alumnae Ring

Graduating Students

If you are graduating this year from Brescia, the cost of a sterling silver alumnae ring has already been covered in your student fees. Upgrade opportunities are available at an additional cost. Contact Alumnae Relations to ensure you are sized for your ring.


If you are an alumna, you can still be part of this exciting tradition that is exclusive to Brescia graduates. Contact Alumnae Relations for more information or JB Simpson Jewellers to order your ring today!