Alumnae Association Board

FrontSteps (2)Building on the proud history and Ursuline values of Brescia University College and in particular its focus on women’s leadership, the Brescia University College Alumnae Association encourages and fosters the lifelong involvement of alumnae with each other and with Brescia University College through advocacy, communications, service and support.

If you attended Brescia for one full year or longer, you belong to the Alumnae Association and have the opportunity serve on the Alumnae Association Board, which represents you and your fellow Brescia alumnae. The Board is comprised of a maximum of 25 members and its members are charged with the following:

  • To represent all alumnae, including but not limited to their own faculty and classmates;
  • To share ideas and react to proposals about how best to engage alumnae in Brescia University College’s work, and promote interest among alumnae in attending events;
  • To actively reach out to friends, neighbours, colleagues and associates to identify Brescia’s alumnae and encourage their involvement in the Association;
  • To attend, in person or by teleconference, at least three meetings annually and participate in additional meetings as required;
  • To regularly participate in Alumnae activities on campus, in London, or in your region.

See your 2017-2018 Alumnae Association Board Membership

Alumnae Association Annual General Meeting

The next Annual General Meeting of the Brescia University College Alumnae Association will take place during the 2018 Homecoming Luncheon on Sunday, October 20th.

Any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Alison Vilaca at  or 519-432-8353 x28446


An updated set of Alumnae Association By-Laws was established by the Brescia University College Alumnae Association in the summer of 2017 outlining an updated structure to the association.