Award Winners

Award Winners:

Maude Barlow
Lifetime Award Recipient

Abirami Kirubarajan
Emerging Award Recipient

Cheryl Perera
Activist Award Recipient

Distinction Award Recipient


 Award Categories:

Lifetime Award
The Lifetime Award honours a woman:
– Who has demonstrated exceptional leadership throughout her lifetime.
– Who has made a substantial and meaningful contribution to her community and/or field of work.
– Who has shared her wisdom with other women and men, inspiring and mentoring them to recognize and cultivate their own leadership capacity.
Emerging Award
The Emerging Award honours a woman:
– Who is making a significant contribution to or impact on her community.
– Who is a new and innovative voice within her community or field of work.
– Who demonstrates the potential for expanding the amplitude of her leadership efficacy and contributions
in the future.
Activist Award
The Activist Award honours a woman:
– Who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to social justice and purposeful collaborative action.
– Who challenges the status quo and applies creative thinking to social, economic, cultural, environmental or
political struggles.
– Who finds new pathways to create positive structural, societal or systemic change.
Distinction Award
The Distinction Award honours an organization:
– That values the unique and diverse contributions that women leaders and women’s leadership weave into
their organizational fabric.
– That has created sustained conditions for women to be successful at building their careers and thriving in
positions of leadership.
– That empowers, encourages and supports women as whole persons, including their ambitions and endeavours outside of the workplace.