Emerging Award

Emerging Award Recipient, Abirami Kirubarajan

Abirami Kirubarajan is a first-year medical student at the University of Toronto. She is currently a Cansbridge Fellow as well as a Queen Elizabeth II Scholar in Strengthening Health Systems. Ms Kirubarajan’s research and advocacy interests include refugee populations, innovation within surgery and health policy.

As a Queen Elizabeth II Scholar, Ms Kirubarajan worked at Oxford to conduct street triage research with the National Health System. While at Oxford, her research interests led her to also serve as a Refugee Health Collection Coordinator at Evidence Aid. She continues this role in Toronto, where she leads a team of global stakeholders in compiling evidence-based refugee health research in collaboration with Cochrane Library. Her other research experiences include the McMaster Cardiorespiratory Laboratory, the Canadian Hearing Society, and the McMaster Education Program in Anatomy. In 2017, she presented her research to stakeholders at Harvard Medical School in Boston, as well as the Global Evidence Summit in Cape Town.

In addition to her research and studies, Ms Kirubarajan has also volunteered extensively with Peel Multicultural Council since high school. Through their support, she founded Multicultural Youth Canada (MYC), which is a youth-led support group which connects 13 to 23 year-olds to services, community and their new culture in Canada. Through MYC, Ms Kirubarajan has currently aided over 700 youth in their transition to Canada.

For her advocacy, she has been recognized with the Canada’s Top Teen Philanthropist and L’Oreal Paris Woman of Worth awards.

Ms Kirubarajan looks forward to continuing to give back to the community as a future physician and healthcare innovator.

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