Bar Service

Bar Service and Wine List

Bar service is available in approved and licensed areas at Brescia University College. A service charge for this license varies depending on your service selection (cash vs host).

Under the A.G.C.O. (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) licensing act, Brescia University College is prohibited from allowing any group or individual to provide their own alcoholic beverages at their catered event.

Wine and Beverage Service

We maintain a quality selection of wines, spirits and beers. We can help customize a cocktail for your special event or make wine recommendations to compliment your menu selection. If you require us to purchase alcoholic products we do not already carry, you will be charged for the full purchase cost with no refund. Additional standard mark up costs may apply.

Food Services are governed by the Provincial Liquor Laws and the rules and regulations of Brescia University College. Our bartenders and servers are Smart Serve Certified.

We care about the safety and well-being of our customers and service will be withheld at our discretion.

(NOTE: all prices below are exclusive of H.S.T. and 15% gratuity)

Host Bar (weddings only)

There is no charge at the time the drinks are served. The couple is billed a fixed rate of $35 per person. This is a great option for large events such as weddings looking for a fixed cost for their budgets. This tested formula works out to an average of 5 drinks per person and includes a full service bar. One fixed price to keep it simple and everyone happy. (Note: No credits are provided post event with this selection)

Consumption Bar

There is no charge at the time the drinks are served. The number of drinks are tallied, and based on that consumption, an invoice is sent to the host group. Minimum sales of $650.00 must be met on a consumption bar or additional charges will be applied. While this option provides an unpredictable variability to your final invoice, it allows ultimate flexibility and selection for your thirsty guests.

Cash Bar

Customers are charged for drinks on a cash basis at time of service. A $75.00 special occasion permit fee is required for a cash bar. Minimum sales of $450.00 must be met on a cash bar or additional charges may apply.

Cash Bar Prices

  • Standard Liquor 1 oz. (including mix) ~ $7.00
  • Liqueurs 1 oz. (requested in advance) ~ $8.50
  • Domestic Beer (12 oz. Bottle) ~ $6.25
  • Premium Beer (12 oz. Bottle) ~ $7.00
  • Domestic Wine (5 oz.) ~ $6.25
  • Specialty Cocktails (requested in advance) ~ $8.50
  • Soft Drinks/Juice (12 oz) ~ $2.15
  • Bottled Water (12oz.) ~ $2.15

*Imported wines are only available by the bottle and extra charges may apply

 Hot and Cold Beverage

  • Coffee-regular and decaffeinated ~ $2.00
  • Tea ~ $2.00
  • Bottled Water ~ $2.15
  • Pop and Juice ~ $2.15
  • Non Alcoholic Punch ~ $1.60 per person