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The health, safety and well-being of Brescia faculty, staff, clients and our community is our highest priority. Please note we are not currently booking events to take place within the next couple of months. We hope to have more information to share in the coming weeks. For more information, please contact


Above: Cypress room (available for $225/day+HST)

The Ideal Meeting Space Energizes Meetings

You have big ideas, important goals, a team to motivate, connections to build and problems to solve. Even with these important goals, meetings held in windowless rooms can be draining. But when you bring people together at Brescia University’s scenic campus, you’ll notice a difference.

There’s a certain excitement brought on by the blend of chic, modern and peaceful settings. Our 3 primary buildings on campus offer a variety of historic (Ursuline Hall), academic (St. James) and modern (Clare Hall) rooms and spaces. Natural lighting and various breakout spaces keep your thinkers and doers energized and focused. We are happy to custom tailor packages that include meal plans or additional rooms if needed.

So snooze-proof your VIPs and get things done – Come to Brescia, where we love helping you host meetings of all kinds.

Top 2018 choices:

Oak Room (Ursuline Hall – 22 capacity, full A/V); $225/day+HST
Cypress Room (Clare Hall – 20 capacity, full A/V); $225/day+HST
Room 135 (St. James – 58 capacity, full A/V); $225/day+HST
Room 136 (St. James – tiered, 90 capacity, full A/V); $300/day+HST

For room suggestions or additional space info please contact: or 519-858-5150

Below: Oak Room (available for $225/day+HST)