Girls Lead London


Girls Lead Mission

The mission of Girls LEAD mirrors the mission of Brescia University College: to empower and embolden girls so their cultivated leadership capacity can contribute to a deep sense of self worth and esteem, and contribute to creating positive change in the world.

Girls LEAD: A Three Tiered Leadership Curriculum to Empower Girls

Each tier builds upon the curriculum presented in previous days. It is designed to grow a girl’s leadership abilities by using real examples that are relevant to her life, to teach self-reflection, to strengthen personal decision making as well as collaboration skills, all the while – of course- having loads of fun!  Girls LEAD curriculum tiers are:

  1. Self-Discovery
  2. Connecting with Others
  3. Building Community and Making Change
Tier One: Self Discovery
  • Exploring strengths and passions
  • Discovering what makes us tick
  • Sharing our personal interests, and future hopes and dreams
  • Tier foundation: work together so each girl can develop and share her self-identity
Tier Two: Connecting With Others
  • After exploring who she is and who she want to be, we cultivate interpersonal skills
  • Providing a focus on communication, conflict resolution, and embracing diversity
  • Finding ways to work together to value differences in perspectives and culture and resolve them respectfully
  • Tier foundation: collaboration and communication
Tier Three: Building Community & Making Change
  • Once a girl understands herself better and how she can interact and work with others, we encourage her to start to looking beyond herself.
  • strengthening the relationships around her and improving the world in which she lives.
  • challenging participants to make small (or large) changes with the intent on creating a better world
  • preparing her to address community on whatever level she is ready: at home, in our schools, the city in which we live, and even the global community
  • Tier foundation: social justice amid personal leadership

The Girls LEAD Advantage

Girls LEAD is the only all-girls leadership (camp-style) program currently operating in our wider regional community. We are providing a unique experience that focuses on a girl’s personal, group, and leadership development. Whereas in some camps, relationship building and leadership can be seen as by products of the general experience, the primary focus and goal of our Girls LEAD curriculum is

  • to positively develop each girls’ sense of self
  • to celebrate her strengths and those of others
  • to cultivate healthy relationships with others
  • to inspire a desire to make change in the world

Due to Girls LEAD being uniquely situated at Brescia – Canada’s only women’s university -we have the unparalleled capacity to tap into the powerful research, theories, and resources emerging from the four Schools that are the pillars of our academic institution:

  • The School of Leadership and Social Change
  • The School of Foods and Nutrition
  • The School of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • The School of the Humanities

But wait! Girls LEAD is not simply about the employment of academic research for the sole purpose of a girl’s learning and advancement.  We are about weaving knowledge into a curriculum based on fun, friendship and inspiration! Girls LEAD immerses girls into an age-appropriate program that caters to the unique needs attached to their social and intellectual development.  Additionally, being located on Brescia’s beautiful 85 acre campus bordering the Medway Valley Heritage Forest, girls LEAD-ers will be exposed to beautiful vistas, exceptional green space and bountiful nature.  This program has it all!