Girls Lead Opportunities

Girls Lead Counsellors

The Girls LEAD Summer Camp Program offers a range of unique and engaging job opportunities through which employees can develop and hone their own leadership capacity while providing girls from at home and abroad an empowering and inspiring experience. We will be seeking a dynamic team that is committed to creating an fun, inclusive, and safe environment for girls to explore their creativity and individuality, enhance their understanding of leadership, and increase their sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

In the coming months, you will have an opportunity to apply for the following positions:

  • Girls LEAD Program Coordinator (contract term: part-time from January – April, full-time from May- August)
  • 2 Girls LEAD Assistant Coordinators (contract term: full-time from May – August)
  • 6+ Girls LEAD Counsellors (general contract term: end of June – August, hours will vary)
  • 2 Work-Study positions

Stay tuned!

Employment inquiries: 519-432-8353 ext. 28273 or